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Monday, July 02, 2012

Rise and Shine Foodie Land!

Happy Monday morning people! Rise and shine and wipe the sleepy from your eyes!  What's everyone up to today? A workday for most, but for those of us without 9-5, what's on your agenda?    No matter what's on your calendar, here are some fun distractrions to get you through the day.

A little song:

The blog is quickly approaching the one year mark for the day I made the commitment to write regularly for you people out there! Here are a few posts you might have missed.

Have you ridden/run/walked the Swamp Rabbit Trail in Greenville County yet?  There are a few stops along the way from Travelers Rest to Greenville that are worth checking out!  Here's one. Read about the day I stopped in to check out Swamp Rabbit Cafe and Grocery.

I was coming home from Ingles in Hendersonville a couple of weeks ago and saw that our favorite little taco truck got a makeover.  If you're on Spartanburg Hwy just off 26 headed toward downtown Hvlle, this place is definitely worth a stop.

One more before I get off my rear, refill my coffee and get this day rollin'. 

Tis the season for a packed house at River Falls Lodge for Contra Dancing night.  Tried it once and smiled so much my cheeks hurt.  Here's my dancing adventure.

Stay cool today! 

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