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Saturday, June 30, 2012

surfing the monthly mag pile

It's that time again.  My mags are severely out of hand.  I didn't do my Saturday mag flip and rip last month so I have both June and July issues of Bon Appetit, many Entertainment Weeklys that have gone unread, Food and Wine, Oprah, Food Network, Wine Enthusiast... the list goes on. 

What's flip and rip?  I go through my pile and rip out anything that looks like it's worth sharing or revisiting or dropping in my recipes or  "to write an article about" file. 

Here are some of this month's finds:

notable quotes:
A quote from Anthony Bourdain in a story he wrote about his father:
"He taught me early that the value of a dish is the pleasure it brings you; where you are sitting when you eat it - and who you are eating it with - are what really matter."

the must haves:
I have got to get The Truck Food Cookbook.  In our cookbook book club we vote on the cookbooks we will use each quarter and it was in the running, but voted down in favor of the Pioneer Woman book which is totally awesome, too. It got a mention in June's Bon Appetit which totally reminded me that I need to order it soon.


must try:
Cocoa-Date Truffles.  I'm trying to eat a little better. Shedding a few lbs for the summer so I don't die of a slow horrible heat death when I actually get outside. These looked like a good idea... of course eating the whole batch at once would be a little counterproductive, don't you think? 

Anyone know where this vibrating coffee addict can pick up some Weed's Cold Brew Coffee in the Charleston/Columbia area? I have to get my hands on some. 

places to go:
I picked up a Skirt! mag in Mt. Pleasant that said mint sun tea from Sugar Bakeshop and hanging on the patio for a Parisian-like experience at Rue de Jean in Charleston are summer musts.  I agree. They are now on my list.

must read:
Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn As soon as I finish  Crossed, the second book in the Matched Series by Ally Condie.

Beautiful Ruins by Jess Walter because every single review I've seen makes me want to run out and get it immediately.

PS: I'm totally obsessed with Dangermuffin this summer. They are a band from Folly Beach. Go check out their tunes on iTunes, if you haven't already.  I recommend downloading "Seafoam Tumbles".

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