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Friday, June 29, 2012

Lowcountry livin', Poe's Tavern and Popsicles

Where the heck is summer going and why is it sooo hot?! Today I'm going to pick my child from camp.  She's been gone all week, but I swear the time has gone so fast it feels like a day.  Last year was her first year and I was crying my eyes out the whole week she was gone because I couldn't talk to her.  Slowest week ever. Not this year man!

I haven't posted many pics from my crazy amazing Isle of Palms beach vacation. I honestly didn't want to leave. I thought I would cry.  Here are some highlights.

OMG, the view.  I've been going to the island every year almost since I was a kid and I have never once stayed beachfront.  THAT was crazy awesome.  Acme Wings: a must for any IOP trip.  We gnawed our way through four dozen.

The ocean was awesomely still most of the week (much to the dismay of my body surfing family).   I finally got up the nerve to swim out to my husband and child who like to go farther out than my comfort zone one morning. My husband spotted dolphins so he pulled the float, on which I was perched (hoping it would half save me in case of a shark attack), out about ten more feet, putting me within a couple yards from dolphins who were playing close by.  I was stupendously happy and freaked the hell out all at once. I squealed like a little girl.  Okay, I screamed.  Out of fear.  (I asked for a little warning next time.) Well, I can kinda say I sort of swam with dolphins now.

(I made pancakes for the amazing father of my child and his dad on Father's Day and did not burn them!  Yea me!)

There are two farmers markets on Mt. Pleasant.  One on Tuesday afternoons starting at 3:30pm and a new one on Saturdays staring at 9am.  I LOVE a good farmer's market.  We always grab curry spices from Charleston Spice Co. at the Tuesday market and this year Sierra grabbed a banana pudding pop from the King of Pops!

He's been all over Charleston media for his brilliantly delicious popsicles.  (I begggged the hubs to swing by the Saturday market on the way out of town where we spotted the guy unloading his cart from his truck.  I assaulted him before he was off the truck.  We snagged a salted chocolate pop (made with Sweeteeth!) and  two banana puddings.  They dripped down our hands in the hot car and didn't last long!

I think I might sort of be settling back into the reality that I'm back in the Valley.  Sigh.  But I am headed back to the island again a couple of times this summer, so I can't complain too loudly.

Okay, my friends and I are totally getting sloshed and going to see this on Saturday.  I am so excited!

And I just heard this song last night and Shazamed it and downloaded it immediately! (You'll have to watch it on YouTube so follow the link. And why the heck won't it center?! Anywho.)

Back to the island experience.  Okay, so my sister told us we should go to Poe's Tavern.  We knew it was there.  How could we not?  There is usually people spilling out of the place and wrapped around the gate.  We went REALLY early for dinner to avoid a crowd.  So worth it.  I got fish tacos and my husband got a hamburger with so much on it he could barely eat it.  It's the "hot" place to go on Sullivan's Island for twenty-somethings apparently. Gotta say, I dig it too!


Oh!  And my mother-in-law and I stopped into Burger King for a quick snack during a shopping marathon and they had BACON SUNDAES on the menu!  I had to try one.  Gotta admit, it was pretty great.

So that's that.  Heading out to pick up my munchkin!

Happy Friday!!!!!

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Kate Dunkin said...

Great post Nichole, it looks and sounds like you guys had a amazing time! Blog-Posts like these are one of the main reasons I have been looking at Isle of Palms real estate , it's so beautiful and peaceful there. I'm definitely going to subscribe to your blog so I can read more of your entertaining post. Thank you for sharing this with us!