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Friday, September 30, 2011

Food to go: Swamp Rabbit Cafe and Grocery

I'd heard about this little grocery store/cafe which opened on the Swamp Rabbit Trail which runs from Travelers Rest to downtown Greenville. I had to go check it out.  I heard it was hard to get to by car, but took 183 coming out of downtown and had absolutely no problem finding it.  The big letters on the side of the building helped.  

When I walked in the door I immediately zoomed in on a galvanized bucket full of bike bouquets!  How cool is that?! Bikers coming in off of the trail can grab a cold drink or some chow and a pretty little bunch of flowers for their bike basket.  I ordered a Turkey and Havarti sandwich on Basil Bread with mayo, tomato, lettuce to go (it came with a side salad).  Always to go.  I live twenty minutes from absolutely anything, so if I don't have a lunch date, it's totally a dine at the wheel situation, because travel time consumes my day. 

The sandwich was good. Creamy and juicy (dribbles on my shirt to prove it) and the basil bread was herby and nicely toasted.  I don't recommend buying their brewed iced tea until you try it, though.  Way too strong and way too undersweet sweet tea (added sugar and informed the staff).  

 The grocery prices looked pretty good, but you probably won't be able to knock out your whole shopping list here. They have a pretty good selection of organic products for a small store: baking and dry goods, snacks, personal care items, coffee (which wasn't stocked yet, but looked like they were going to be carrying Greenville's West End brand), and seasonal fruits and veggies from local farms.  Some really pretty purplish okra, tomatoes, ruffage and local chestnuts. I picked up some muscadines and a loaf of Basil Cheese Chiabatta bread from Simple Gifts artisan baker. At 2pm they were almost sold out of bread, but they did have fresh muffins and scones for sale in the case.  

There's meat from local farms, too, including beef cuts and hard to find goat meat. They also have a fairly good selection of eggs, milk, cheese and yogurt (cow and goat).  And they carry Sweeteeth Chocolate, which I have to admit was the motivating factor of going on this particular day.   

I noticed half a dozen people were chilling out at picnic tables under a giant shade tree by the bike trail on the way to the car.  I'd like to make the trek from TR sometime (4 miles?).  This is definitely the weather for it!

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