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Saturday, September 08, 2012

indie craft vip night (the crowd and the haul) and a photography show opening

I finally met Johnny Battles in personal last night at Indie Craft Parade's VIP night! (Whoot! Whoot!)  He's the brilliant taste master/magical chocolatier behind Sweeteeth Chocolate, which, if you follow the blog, you know I am a HUGE fan! I admit to being a 100% food nerd/food product producer stalker person.  You'd think I met the lead singer of a band.  For real.  

Here's a song.

I'm a dork.

So I racked up last night at the 3rd annual Indie Craft Parade.  I bought a red Indie Craft Parade 2012 t-shirt, a green (love green!) LOVE GREENVILLE t-shirt from Parachute T company, some Sweeteeth (of course), and a pair of green earrings from 17 Dove Street cause a girl's gotta have earrings to match her green shirt!   

I loved this booth, but I just can't get into TOMS.  Love the business premise behind the shoes, but they so look like you got hurt and had to bandage your foot.  Now if I'd had a pair of Chuck's on hand, I would have had him stamp the hell out of them. 

Some pretty awesome folks were out for the VIP party: my former editor/boss from G Mag was manning the check-in (Great to catch up lady!), also in the house were filmmakers Chris and Emily White, Jay Spivey from Greenville's Fete Magazine, Saige from Saige Consignment Boutique, Angie from L's Consignment on Augusta, Marie and Payton Blough, and Kim Hassold from Talk Greenville.  I'm telling you, I couldn't throw a fork without hitting someone amazingly awesome.  The ladies with Indie Craft Parade know how to throw a party.  

Chef 360 Catering did a hell of a job with catering too!  There were food stations all over the place serving up finger noshings.  Here's a sample.

Okay, so it's not too late to get on out there and check it out for yourself.  I'm telling you, this Indie Craft show keeps getting better and better every year.   They're open today (Saturday) 9-6pm and Sunday 11am-5pm.  Support the artists: go spend some cash!

Photographer Brian Kelly (left)
We also dropped in on my buddy Brian Kelly's Photography Show opening last night at Village Studios and Gallery on Pendleton Street in Greenville.  Tons of our friends were milling about and Brian's brother Adam Kelly of Leopard Forest Coffee Company was on hand serving up some joe (he promised me a coffee tasting soon --- oh, sorry, he said I must call it a cupping "because it's not wine" though that sounds kinds inappropriate, don't you think?!).  The exhibit is going be up for a month, so go check it out. He's one of the few photographers that I know left in these parts who can actually use a dark room.   

That's it folks.  My husband has been frantically working on our mess of a house while I've been working on this for you guys.  I'm starting to feel the guilt.  Gotta go clean and get started on some homemade ketchup!


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