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Sunday, September 09, 2012

a bit of Euphoria 2012 news and the monthly rip and file (aka catching up on august mags)

One of my favorite local Chefs asked me to share a little bit of Euphoria news with my peeps: Stella’s Bistro in Simpsonville, is offering one hell of a Euphoric deal!  They are giving away $40 gift cards (one per couple) to anyone that purchases two tickets to their Euphoria Wine Dinner featuring Iron Chef winner Edward Lee of 610 Magnolia in Louisville, Kentucky and Paul Fehribach of Big Jones in Chicago.  Go here for more info!

Now back to the regular programming: 

To switch things up a bit, I decided to paste the stuff I ripped out mags this month into one of these cool Smash notebooks that my brother gave me.  While I'm waiting on two Apple Crisps and roasted Butternut Squash (for this recipe) to finish doing their thing in the oven, I thought I'd share .

The Movies:

I so can't wait to see To Rome With Love. Another Woody Allen film.  Yea!  

And Emma Watson's next big project, The Perks of Being a Wall Flower.  I can honestly say I didn't see a single Harry Potter film so there's no chance of having post traumatic Harry syndrome during this one. 

What's destined for my Tivo:
FOX's new sitcom, Ben and Kate.  I am CRAZY for We Bought a Zoo so the fact that little Maggie Jones    ("We bought a ZOOO!!!!") is supposed to be cat's pj's  in this one... I'm totally there. 
The L.A. Complex. I just love a good "trying to make it in L.A. story" and am a really horrible, horrible person probably for finding some sort of enjoyment out of CW television...

I need another book to read like I need a hole in my shoe:
BUT I can't wait to get my hands on Tigers in Red Weather by Liza Klaussman and Everyday by David Levithan.  

Oh the places I will go:
I have not stepped foot into Shinola at 19 Mohawk Drive in Greenville yet, but based on the very cool junk exploding out their doors, I am going to be a regular.  I gotta get there soon... and should probably stop into Community Tap too to restock the vino.  (This one's gonna be a blog post folks!)

There is apparently a bar called Speakeasy in Charleston... a hidden little place that involves a secret walkway and a tiny staircase. There is no sign.  It all sounds shady to me, but does anyone remember the cool little saiki bar on Main Street where you had to walk through another place to get there and it only seated like 12?  THAT is the reason I totally have to go find the little bar of which I speak. 

In the kitchen:
Big hugs to Chef John Malik for sharing his Molasses-Brined Pork Tenderloin recipe with Edible Upcountry readers.  It's now on my to-cook list. 

Oregon Wines to try: Ponzi Vineyards and Thistle.  Noted. 
I've been watching Bottleshock over and over again.  Tis the season.  And I am so longing to do nothing but sit in my back yard in a good chair sipping on a beautiful golden chardonnay.  Something from Boomtown, Tranche, StoneCap and Waterbrook are on my list... never tried those vineyards, you?

Smells like the Butternut Squash is almost finished.  The crisps are a smashing success! And you have some links to peruse now, don't ya?

Happy Sunday evening!  If this beautiful weather follows us through the week, it's gonna be a fantastic one folks!

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