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Friday, September 07, 2012

Asada food truck.

ASADA was worth the wait...worth the hour round trip...worth every single penny of the $14.00 we spent on three tacos and two Cokes. 

I'm headed to San Diego in a few weeks, and would dare to say that these tacos could stand up to most any I've had there.  If only there were wine with lunch.

Did I mention I sprang my husband out of work for the adventure?

I bet you wanna see our lunch, right?
(They were out of fish one hour after opening! Can you believe that?! Chicken it is folks.)

The hubs had the carne asada.

There was lots of moanin' coming from the car, 
but it wasn't cause we were having that kind of a lunch break.

The salsa was fresh and lovely and the guac was muy excelente! Oye muchachos, muy bueno all around.  Muy bien. 

Dude, you gotta go check this place out. (Go early if you want fish!)

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