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Thursday, December 08, 2011

Gap Creek Gourmet Gift Guide 2011

*Attn people I give gifts to: please read this after Christmas!!!!!!!!!!

I'm a huge Christmas gal.  I love the holly jolly and the jingle bells and trees and ornaments and eggnog and candy canes and holiday movies... okay, I'll stop now.  And I LOVE Christmas shopping.  I start shopping way earlier than I should and often am picking up this and thats down to the last possible minute.  I thought I'd share my list of cool holiday finds this season! Here goes.

For the man on your list:
Beer glass, t-shirt and growler (3 different sizes to be filled to the brim with your person's favorite beer) from Greenville Beer Exchange.  They have gift certificates too!

Stocking stuffers: Gourmet Jerky or gourmet salts. There are some cool recipes for making these online yourself or you can order them on etsy.com.  Electric toothbrush. Bandannas. Trader Joes Mixed Nuts. Mini-bottles.  Condoms. Some say this may be inappropriate for this holiest of holidays, but I say if they are gonna do it anyway, gotta be prepared... and what better way to say you care? :)

For the teen:
Christopher Park Gallery has some AMAZING leather bracelets!  I think these would be pretty sweet on either a guy or a girl.  Also Starbucks gift cards are a hit.

For that special lady friend (or mom...or grandma... whatever):
Eddie Bauer has these amazing down blankets with fuzzy on the underside.  I have wanted one of these things for years!  Target has the next best thing: giant fuzzy blankets... I mean REALLY giant!  They are like $29.99 and we use ours every single night once it gets cold outside.  My brother and sister both got one from me last year (or the year before... can't remember).  I'm big on blankets.
Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream gift coupons and pint koosie.

For Teacher. Friend. Hairdresser.
Starbucks at Cherrydale in Greenville has a special bag of beans called Greenville Blend created especially for this store by artist Mark Mulfinger! There are matching lino print Greenville notecards!  The duo make a fantastic gift set.  (ps: they are out of the coffee at the moment, but restocking soon!)
No one is too old for a tea set.  After the holidays, I am all about hot tea.  Swing by O-Cha Tea Bar and pick up a canister of loose tea, a Sweeteeth Chocolate Salted Caramel bar, and pair both of these with a cute little tea cup.

For the baby and toddler on your list:
Fisher Price Nativity or Hanuka Set.  You can find them for $29 and my daughter still uses hers 9 years later.
Elefun is another hit!  It's this elephant that blows butterflies out of its snout into the air and you catch them with nets.  Sierra played it until she was way too tall and had to sit down to catch the butterflies to make it a challenge.

For pre-teens and tweens:
Horrible, horrible age to buy for.  Two words: gift cards.  My daughter got McDonald's and Chic-fil-A gift cards for her birthday last year and you'd have thought they were $100 bills. Seriously. Starbucks and Yogurt Mountain (TCBY, etc) cards are cool.

So there.  My list. May not be totally thorough, but it will get ya started or wind you up!

Merry Christmas Month!

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