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Tuesday, December 06, 2011

iPhone, big burger and holiday cheer

This is officially my first post from my iPhone! Know how to tell if someone has an iPhone? They will tell you! (thank you Josie for that little haha.)

It's been a while since I posted! I broke my two posts a week rule. Blame it on the turkey.

So we had our annual Livengood bash this past weekend. One time a year we invite all of our friends and family to make the trip up the mountain and to act a fool with us to celebrate my husband's age advancement.

We fix food. Big food and a lot of it! Two-day marinated chicken quarters came off the smoker for first lunch. Then, while my mother-in-law and I finished hanging garland and fluffing Christmas bows the house filled with the scent of bacon and cheese and pizza... Dan made his Pizza Burger. 5lbs of hamburger stuffed with bacon and cheese and sandwiched between two pepperoni pizzas. Death on a plate. 2nd lunch.

In the afternoon the boys shot golf balls at targets on the mountain behind our house out of a cannon my renaissance-man step-father made.

And people flooded in as the Boston butts came off the smoker.Good food, good friends, tons of laughs. I think the last person went to bed at 3.

Holiday cheer has officially set in. I got a writing assignment to cover the St. Francis Festival of Trees so yesterday I drive around to three area hotels to gaze at twinkling lights of 66 themed trees. That definitely got me in the spirit!

Then I asked my phone (yet to be named) to find me a Firehouse Subs. (It did.) I've been wanting to play with their Coke machine which apparently allows you to make over 100 combinations of favors. I was ambling for a Vanilla Coke which I never get anymore for the holidays since Coke thought throwing cherry into the mix would be a good idea. (no!)

I had an awesome sub with hot turkey and sautéed mushrooms on wheat with mayo lettuce and tomato. Yum! I'm not a huge sub fan but this place rocks!

I finished up my super large coke as I pulled into Swamp Rabbit Grocery to to pick up some Sweeteeth Chocolate to wind up a few Christmas gifts. I really should do a post of some of my top pics for Christmas! I'll work on that!

We decorated Mom's tree last night and watched Charlie Brown Christmas. Really, is the holiday season complete without Linus's lesson on the true meaning of Christmas?

So folks. That's a bite out of my life! Off for a shower and another phone interview! Check out the January issue of Greenville Business Mag for three of my articles! Oh and I will be in the Greenville News on the 21st. Lillia called me to talk about my favorite food memories last week! (Gil! It is finally happening!)

Happy week all! I'll try to get those gift suggestions up by Friday!

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