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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Post turkey day blues.

I could not get motivated yesterday. It was raining buckets outside and I was the having the post-vacation blues.  I did spend most of the day at my computer catching Cyber Monday deals.  Snagged a few including a few Fisher Price Nativity Sets (my go to gifts for baby's 1st Christmas). I'm shining a little brighter today and got a few things checked off my list.  (The fact that Santa came early and walked in with beautiful red packages containing my new iPhone 4S last night might have something to do with my smiling face today!)

I hope everyone had a fantastic turkey day.  My child and I were sick with colds so I was having a hard time getting my usually holiday giddy on, but we did stuff ourselves sufficiently... and again and again for days after on delicious leftovers (one of my favorite things about Thanksgiving).  And we spent sufficient funds on Black Friday to keep the economy afloat for another couple of weeks.

Tree time.
We got a 9.5er from the tree place we've gone to for the last 12 or so years.  Only one barely made it to the BIG SHOW so we are reliable customers.  That one year, we were afraid to touch the tree by Christmas.  It was a bit scary.  If so much as a spark touched the thing, our whole house would have gone up like a torch.  Probably user error on the watering situation...
I'm working on the artificial tree I deck out in Santa and Outsider Art ornaments at the moment.  At the rate I am consuming the Trader Joe's Box Shiraz in my fridge, I might not finish tonight.  It's half lit... and so am I.

A side note:
I would like to take this opportunity to say that I am very thankful my daughter could care less about Justin Beber.  She's more likely to be a fan of a new toy or a video game... or maybe anime (yes, we are raising a nerd's dream girl) than a baby face teen belting tunes on TV.  I can't wait until that Beber kid grows up. He annoys me. 

No, she's not a tree... (more beautiful) and just plain goofy.

I saw snow this afternoon for the first time this season as I turned onto Gap Creek.  I was on the phone with my brother and yelled "It's snowing" repetitively in his ear. Loudly.  Luckily he gets me or he would have totally hung up.  

I've played with my new iPhone 4S all day today.  I'm asking it random questions just to see what it will do... and I can't figure out why my email isn't showing up yet, but I guess it is a work in progress. (Maybe I should ask my phone how to set up email?) I can't wait to have my first Facetime call.

Another cool thing about yesterday: My friend and neighbor, Olga Wood, has started a catering business called River Falls Catering.  She makes these delicious meals and delivers them to your door in time for breakfast, lunch or dinner.  Last night we had Schnizel with Gypsy Pepper Sauce, Dilled Red Cabbage, Toasted Orzo, and a side order of creamy and hearty Cabbage a la Cluj (sp?).  We had leftovers again tonight.  I was so sad to eat the last bite.  It was way too good.  Dinner involved much moaning (again tonight).  Can't wait to see what's on her menu for later this week. I'm lazy and tired and don't plan on cooking dinner until my family protests (which, if Olga delivers hot and ready, there won't be any picket signs.  I'm sure of that.)

That's that!   Night yall!

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