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Tuesday, June 05, 2012

TomAto. TomOto. and a few other things

Tomatoes are awesome. Yep, I'm a fan.  I'm actually attempting to grow some in my little raised box gardens this year (if I don't kill them) and it looks like I might have at least a dozen heirlooms in the coming weeks! So exciting.  I digress.  Last night I made my first tomato pie.  And it too was AWESOME!  The Fiction Addiction Cookbook Book Club girls agreed. Recipe here.

We're cooking from the Back To Basics, Y'all cookbook and it is a bitch.  It's like the old school Martha Stewart magazines where she had these ridiculous recipes with ingredients that involved a plane ride.  Seriously.  I have the entire late 1990's collection of mags to prove it.  (I'm a pre-jail Martha Stewart connoisseur - something else you probably didn't know about me.) 

Last night's book club fare: caramel cake, amazing roast, jambalaya, and a really tall chocolate cake
I'll be so happy when we switch to the Southern Living Farmer's Market Cookbook next meeting.  ANYWAY! I picked the easiest thing I could find in the veggie section of the cookbook for last night's meeting and cheated my pants off.  No homemade crust.  No homemade mayonnaise, though I'll admit I was willing to try to make the mayo, but I didn't have the lemon or particular mustard needed to whip it up.  I did use basil, parsley and thyme from the garden. Yea me! Even though I thoroughly skimped on the effort, it was rockin' good. I'm making another when my tomatoes come in.

Cake & Pie

I know, I'm a complete nerd, but SOMEBODY get me some Lisa Loeb Cake and Pie glasses!  I am obsessed.  LOVE! THEM!  Anyone know Mrs. Loeb? I'm waiting...

I made reservations at Husk.  I'm about to bust at the seams with excitement.  So anxious to be Charleston bound. I have a Charleston board on Pinterest. If ya wanna check it out go here. I can't wait to try Diggity Doughnuts, swing by Roti Rolls, check out Heirloom Book Company (cookbook store), pop in and say hi at Sweeteeth Chocolate's new digs, and hit the Mount Pleasant Farmer's Market.  You can see what kind of vacation this is going to be.   Don't worry.  I'll share (photos).

I'm also newly obsessed with The Zac Brown Band. And I like putting videos on the blog. And I wish I were at the beach.  So enjoy.  

I gotta go eat the omelet my daughter made me. (She actually went outside and picked the herbs, grated the Gruyere cheese and made it 100% herself... and better than I could!) She's now making cinnamon toast. Happy Tuesday.

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