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Saturday, June 09, 2012

fun is exhausting part one: bikes, buddies, and a very cool Saturday

Sometimes I just have too much fun for one person, I think.  I can't possibly share it all with you folks.  I'm picture obsessed lately, so at least I've been documenting my grand adventure, right? Here's a condensed version of the past two days.  

On Friday, I went downtown with my mother and my child on a picture taking adventure. I was to procure good shots for my husband's website.  I swear to pete Greenville has the most beautiful downtown! I swung by Pedal Chic, too, to check out their skorts. Robin, the owner, promised me a hug when I told her I was including her store in the Guide to Greenville I was writing for USA Today. I went to cash in and meet her face to face.  They have really awesome stuff in there!  Like shoes and clothes and bags! Not just bikes, so go check them out. Made me want to get back on the bike so I could invest in some smokin' gear!

We ate lunch at Northgate Soda Shop, a Greenville institution.  The walls are lined with old photos, antique soda bottles, and those fans on popsicle sticks that people used to move hot air around with before air conditioning. Little bronze nameplates are spaced down the bar and on the tables - the names of regulars that have passed away.  So sweet, but a little creepy. Northgate is locally known for their homemade pimento cheese, burgers and peanut butter milkshakes. I asked for a sample of pimento cheese and it is totally amazing, but I ordered a club sandwich since it's tomato season... which now that I'm thinking about it, I should have ordered a pimento cheese sandwich with tomatoes. (Coulda, shoulda, woulda. There's a next time!)   Mom got a tuna fish melt which was AWESOME and my child got onion rings and motz sticks.  Not the healthiest of lunches, but if you're in need of some comfort food, this is your place. 

So my buddy's birthday is this weekend. I made her a cake. A chocolate zucchini cake with chocolate ganache and strawberry sauce.  A crazy altered version of this. It was awesome. She's awesome!  Happy Birthday bestie!

These are my friends Cheryl and Steve.  They own Upcountry Provisions, the new cafe and bakery in Travelers Rest.  They let me work in their kitchen this morning FOR FREE! I made bagels! I made veggie pizzas (that were freaking awesome!) and I topped chocolate zucchini cakes with ganache... I was in complete heaven. Then we packed the car and headed out to the Travelers Rest Community Farmers' Market to sell some bread!  Sierra came and helped too.  She's quite the little sales child.
We were stoked to have the Juiced guys beside us at the market. They are hoping to open a place soon, but for now you can find them at the TR market.  They even got Sierra to drink some watermelon juice! Makes you cool in my book. I had the orange and carrot.  Yum.

So that's part one: my Friday and Saturday morning. I'm off to celebrate the Queen's Diamond Jubilee and my bestie's bday (seriously. It said so on the invite.) and hang out with my neighborhood peeps. Laters! 
(part two, aka Sunday fun, is still in the planning phase.) 

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Gibbs Kj said...

Thanks for the awesome birthday dinner! And for hanging out with me at my uniquely themed bday bash! Love you bff!