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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

the ramblings of a woman who just met a deadline

Today was CRAPPY and I totally wanted to demolish both containers of the leftover homemade Oreo ice cream from yesterday's Memorial Day cookout...until I realized that it might be a pretty damn good day and I needed to stop whining to myself in my head. Do you ever do this?

I had a revelation on the way home and my smile turned upside down. My car... which is kind of my security blanket... is sick and at the shop. I am driving a minivan.  IKK!  I asked for a Prius cause we're kind of thinking we should own one soon since I drive like a billion miles a week but alas no rentals were left.  But hey, I have a dependable car to drive around.  And apparently God loves me.  He had Starbucks send me a $5 gift card that happen to arrive at lunchtime today.  I buy way too many coffees there.  They are now giving ME money.  And my achy knee is a little less achy today cause I'm doing better about letting it heal and switched from Ibuprophen to Alieve.

Still having nightmares and scaring the poo out of the hubs in the middle of the night (do these drugs do this to anyone else?) but sleeping better, thus am I able to see that though I may be sleep deprived a little bit, and am hobbling around and my car is sick, some people don't have a bed to sleep in, don't have legs and don't have a car.  So I am smiling... but I still want the ice cream.

My husband is TOTALLY just as sucked into HBO's Girls as I am. This past episode was AWESOME!  We got to see inside Adam's head which made him HOT (don't laugh).  He told his friends about Hannah and he loves books?  He's all sensitive and stuff and it never occurred to me that Hannah was the bad guy in that whole situation.  And my husband was STOKED that his two favorite characters, Jessa and Alex had a scene together... and how totally funny was it that Shoshana was running all over the place all cracked out and Adam was chasing her! A couple to be?  "Don't tell my mom!" she says to Jessa.  Seriously?  My husband kept laughing and saying, "Where are her pants!?!"

This kid is cute.  Not mine.  She belongs to my friend Cam.  When you ask her what a cat says, she scrunches up her face like this and doesn't make a sound and then smiles. No, her parents don't know why.

Does anyone else LOVE the movie P.S: I love you?  I am having a hankering. I definitely need to watch that again soon. The accents... oh, my. My husband lives in fear that if he ever takes me to Ireland I won't come back home.

Oh! Something else cool happened today!  Tuesday Things.  I love this woman's blog.  I read it religiously.  I've kind of adopted her listy ways because they read really well, don't ya think?  I also love tons of the same things as her including Girls, Lisa Loeb, sunshine and chocolate, among other things and we both love food.  Very good food. (Accept she is like the size of a pencil.  I'm thinking of joining Weight Watchers.)  I leave comments on her blog telling her I love her blog often.

Okay, that's it.  The moral to this story?  Try to turn your frown upside down... or something. Does there have to be a moral?

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