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Thursday, October 27, 2011

7 day messy mash-up: Sterling, Pecha Kucha and Halloween

(I'm watching When Harry Met Sally... or rather it is background noise while I post today. I love this movie. Billy Crystal. Meg Ryan. Carrie Fisher.  It's been my favorite since I was in the 9th grade.  I've worn out numerous VHS tapes and two DVD's. )

I've been working on several articles this week for Fete and Greenville Journal and prepping for Halloween and filling Open Studios orders...there's a permanent cloud of flour and powdered sugar hovering above my kitchen from the whoopie pies

*Random pic of my child: eating French Bread pizza.
Monday night I took my daughter to a little league football game to see her friends play. On Tuesday night, my husband and I ventured downtown for dinner at Takosushi. We sat outside, chatted with a few friends who happen to be eating there too, and chowed on sushi and fish tacos. It was a beautiful night on Main Street Greenville. Perfect weather. Then, we went to Pecha Kucha night at The Warehouse Theatre. (What the heck is Pecha Kucha?)   It's hard to get downtown on a weeknight for a date because we live so far way! I think we finally got home and hit the pillow by 11:30. 

I wanted to tell you about my Sterling Adventure. While touring Sterling Community last Friday for an upcoming article in the Greenville Journal I discovered a few things I thought I'd share:
1) The community members in Sterling are starting community gardens.  Neighbors tend the garden, and share the food when it's ready for picking. The people of Sterling are able to prepare healthy, organic food for their families in a community that has no convenient grocery store. Most of the people there probably couldn't afford fresh food, even if there was a place to buy it.  This is one of Greenville's roughest neighborhoods.  It sits half in the city and half in the county.  When you cross the city line, the side walk ends.  The housing situation gets worse. It is not pleasant.  Bon Secours St. Francis (located adjacent to the community) is going out into the community and slowly empowering the people there to dig out of hopelessness.  It's a great story... and one that needs telling again and again, about a community that was so important to Greenville's history.  (More about Sterling Community here.)

2) I found a gallery. Home to Ryan Calloway.  This guy is a welder/sculptor who is making these giant red bench sculptures for the trail that now runs around the Sterling Community, thanks to St. Francis.  His gallery is across from the downtown hospital.  It's amazing!  When Maxim Williams (my tour guide) and I stopped in, he was making big metal keys that would be given to guests at a local wedding. He also has a gallery adjacent to his workshop where other artists are on exhibit.  I loved the abstract work by Nichole Madonna... and she has my name! Ryan will be open during Greenville Open Studios Saturday, November 4-6, so swing by to check out his work.

That's it!  I'm looking forward to Halloween.  To parties and trick or treating... which, as of this week, we now have in our community thanks to the efforts of some of my friends and neighbors!  If you live in a community that doesn't do the whole Trick or Treating thing, make a few calls, send out a few emails, message a few people on Facebook and get something started.  I bet people would do it if they knew kids would come by!   We've had amazing response from our neighbors.

Are you ready for another collage?  These are a few of my favorite things this season. And I leave you with a question: Can men and women really be friends?  Have a great Thursday!

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