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Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

This past weekend we had our Halloween Party.  We were vampires.  (I had to take out my teeth because I couldn't eat.  I now why vampires only drink blood. Those things are awkward!) 

I made my first successful caramel apples for the party prizes. I read somewhere that dipping them in boiling water and wiping them down to remove the waxy grocery store finish would help.  It did. Nice tip.  I had to dip and wipe twice, but they turned out great!  I dipped them in caramel, then chocolate, then toffee bits.  De-lish. (The sticks came from our apple tree.)

I am obsessed with Pinterest. (As if Facebook didn't take up enough of my time already!) I found this idea and had to try it.  I told Daniel to put the hands in the green punch.  (I gave bad directions.) He didn't remove the  gloves.  I think it increased the scary factor, so we left them in there.  

  I'm excited about tonight! I made some calls, reached out on Facebook and got the social committee at Gap Creek Baptist Church involved and now we have Trick or Treating in our community for the first time EVER! I'm wearing my orange shirt. (It's Clemson, but it will suffice.) My candy is ready... So exciting.  My mom is coming over so we can have wine and hand out treats! I plan on raiding my child's candy later for all of the Butterfingers. 

Have a very spooky Halloween!

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