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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Moving up, southern egg rolls, Kelly and my cat

So I got a job.  Okay, I've had a job.  I'm a freelance writer.  I juggle projects all the time, but this time.... it's a really, really good project.  Hows about USA Today found my blog and asked me to do a project for them!  Shut up!  Right?!  So at first I thought it was spam.  Seriously. Nope.  No spam.  (Squeals!).  I'll keep you posted.   I took my daughter to Starbuck's to celebrate after I picked her up from school.

Then I went home and made Southern Egg Rolls.  I think my husband was more excited about these than my new project!  He told me I should post.  So here it is.  

I had leftover black eyed peas in the fridge and pork in the freezer and I didn't want to do something boring, so... I cut up an onion and about 1/8 of a head of cabbage and cooked that on the stove until the onion was a little transparent, then I ground up 3/4 lb or so smoked pork in the food processor,opened a can of collards and dumped in the black eyed peas and some shredded carrot for texture/crunch/health fa-la-la.  Then dumped little piles in the center of egg roll rappers, wrapped them up, brushed on olive oil and baked them until brown.  

Then I whipped up some tasty, super spicy sauce with Spicy Chow Chow (only in the South would this just happen to be in your cabinet), spicy mustard, duck sauce and honey.  We ate the rolls with butter lettuce (my new fav...) with Ginger Dressing.  We're still eating rolls three days later, but they are too good to put in the freezer!

Here's my cat.  She loves Live with Kelly. She watched for the longest time!

Two more things:  In case you didn't know, Starbucks is doing half price Frappuccinos from 3-5pm until May 13th!  A shout out to the folks at Cherrydale Starbucks in Greenville. Sup guys?!  Love ya!

 They have chocolate whipped cream now.  It is freaking amazing, so go check that out!  You're welcome.  Tomorrow's Friday people.  Don't forget those mother's day presents!  I'm still hoping for a surprise trip to Columbia's Food Truck Rodeo.  Still have no idea what to get your mom? Coffee gift cards... maybe in a new to-go mug?  Cheers!

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