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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Zoe's Kitchen opens new location in Greenville

Last week I grabbed my friend Nina and we stopped into the new Zoe's Kitchen location on Woodruff Road in Greenville for a sampling of their menu offerings.  I've passed their Augusta Road location before, but it was always crowded, so me, being the eat-in-the-car kinda gal that I am, passed on by.  Their new location is right smack beside Trader Joe's, so I thought it might be time to get acquainted. I foresee many to-go orders in my future.

Some things you should know about Zoes: Everything is made in house. No microwaves and no freezers. From the moist and delicious chicken to the brownies, from the soup to the egg salad, everything is from scratch. Even the dressing on the table. Zoe's started in Birmingham Alabama and has grown to 107 restaurants across the Southeast including seven Zoe's Kitchens in South Carolina. Lots of items on the menu are Zoe's original recipes. The food here is all about the Mediterranean experience: fresh and natural. And the food at Zoe'sis sourced from as local as possible. The chicken is from Prestige Farms,the same company that supplies Whole Foods.

Everything on the menu looked amazing.  It would have been hard to try just one thing.  Luckily, the GM was there to greet us and hook us up with a sampling.  (Yes, it's hard work being a blogger.) He brought us a selection of salads including the egg salad and chicken salad, both made simply with mayo, salt and pepper and perfectly lovely.

The tabbouleh salad with orzo, slaw, pasta salad, quinoa salad and rice were all light and fresh.  And the chicken soup is some of the best I have ever had.

(If I'm sick and you're headed my way, will you please pick up and deliver?)  Most everything at Zoe's is sold by the pound. This is good news for your party planners out there. And I saw plenty of vegetarian and gluten free options!

We ended our lunch tasting with these cool little roll-ups.  Beef with onion and swiss and mushrooms. Melty delicious. I'm totally headed back there soon to sample some of their meats and get dinner to go.

And a little advice?  Go early!  Peak lunch hour is slam packed.  People were standing over us waiting on our table.

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