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Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Bad snow, news from Facebook and a Crawl update.

I am breaking up with snow. I was her friend.  I even drove hours away to play with her. But now?  No.  Last week we got major snow storm in the south and she completely showed her butt, and then totally caused me to miss out on some really awesome opportunities (like my long anticipated breakfast with the Amateur Gourmet).  She and I are no longer speaking.  Spring.  Spring is my new best friend.

Happy 10 Years to Facebook.

Have you seen the new Facebook Paper?  It's a free app delivering your Facebook news feed along with other trending articles in other topics you enjoy (like headlines, food, entertainment) right to your palm. I was wondering what the next big thing from the folks at Facebook would be. Man, wouldn't it be cool if they actually printed your weekly Facebook feed and delivered to your doorstep and it was like 10 lb?   Remember the Sunday paper when you were a kid?  HUGE!  I loved it.  Sigh. (Remembering the good ole days.) For now, the Facebook Paper is only available to iPhone users.  I imagine if the Android people complain loud enough, they'll soon get it too.

Let's talk Starbuck's stars.  The Starbuck's app on your phone has this dandy little section called Rewards.  When you register your Starbuck's gift cards and use them to purchase coffee, you earn stars.  When you get 30 gold stars, you get a Gold Starbucks Card (what?!) mailed to you AND free product once and a while.  I'm a HUGE Starbucks girl.  I want that dang gold card.  I was so close.  Like two weeks close one day when I opened up the app to pay for my coffee and suddenly all of my stars flew out of my cup right before my eyes.  I almost stroked out. I emailed the company. Seriously.  I am serious about my stars.  Come to find out, you have to earn your 30 stars in one calendar year.  So now, I use my phone religiously to check out at Starbucks.  And I WILL get my gold card.  My Greenville Small Plate Crawl partner, Laura, says she's gonna start giving me gold stars since I get so excited about them.  Hmmmm... not a bad idea.  I always was a sticker girl.

Greenville Small Plate Crawl is absolutely on fire! More than 20 of Greenville's hottest restaurants are participating!  If it's not on your calendar, it really should be.  This is a super awesome way to try out new places in Greenville, or check out a new menu item at one of your regular places.  

How does this thing work?  You go to www.greenvillesmallplatecrawl.com (or go to our official free app, iOnGreenville and click on our icon), as the menus come in you can check out the menus, pick your favorites, then go to our interactive map and plot your path, print your passport and crawl.  At each restaurant you will be handed a special menu of 5-7 items ranging from $3-$8 (a lot of the restaurants will also have drink specials).  You order some small plates, order some drinks, eat some food, chat it up with your friends, then get your passport stamped when you pay and you're off to the next stop on your crawl. 
Crawlers turn in their passports at the last restaurant visited and if you go to more than five places, you are registered for prizes, including $25 gift cards to restaurants on the crawl.  Go to more than 15 places?  You could win one of our grand prizes including overnight packages at the Hyatt or Hotel Domestique. Simple as that.  And so fun, so be sure Monday, March 24 - Wednesday, March 26 (lunch and dinner) are blocked off for Crawling.

Alright, have a good Tuesday!
Squeak on. 

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