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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Snow and doughnuts

My March Saveur Mag came in the mail Friday with a feature on doughnuts and a list of the 50 Finest Donut Shops in America.  I can't believe out of the entire state of South Carolina they don't think we have a single noteworthy doughnut shop.  What about Glazed, which scored a mention on this month's Food Network Mag?  What about Diggity Doughnuts? What about Joey's Bag a Donuts? Did they even visit our state? We have some amazing doughnuts! At any rate, the sight of doughnuts sent us on a downward spiral of cravings, so my daughter and I pulled out our mini doughnut maker and whipped up a batch of these today.

While we were baking, it started snowing.  Finally, a good snow in the Valley.  It might not be ankle deep like I had hoped, but it is pretty.

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