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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

House of Cards, Husk, and hunting a little inspiration

Best new show: If you have Netflix and you are not watching House of Cards, you are wasting your monthly membership fee.  Hell, it's worth joining just to watch this show.  Honestly, I'm obsessed. I'm huddled over my iPhone or laptop every free second I get.  I'm even watching while I walk in the afternoons (praying no one gets in front of me or I'll totally run them over). I'm going to go into serious withdrawals when I've finished all 13 episodes of this political feast.   Kevin Spacey has slathered on the southern drawl to play a South Carolina Congressman out for revenge after he's passed over as pick for Secretary of State. (Does he have his sites on the presidency?)   Robin Wright plays his wife and she is mesmerizing.  And I am totally obsessed with Kate Mara who plays journalist Zoe Barns.  The characters are spicy and totally captivating.  I'm hooked, hooked, hooked and you should be, too.

In the know:
Husk (Charleston, SC) has landed on another Best of... list.  Bon Appetit magazine has ranked the restaurant the 3rd Most Important Restaurant in America in this month's issue (behind Momofuku in NYC and The Restaurant at Meadowood in Napa) for Chef Sean Brock's efforts to revive the very roots of Southern Food. We ate at Husk last summer for the first time and have reservations again in a couple of weeks and I can not wait.  Brock is everywhere these days. Did anyone else catch him as a guest judge on a recent episode of Top Chef?

Greenville foodie news:
Neue Southern Food Truck fans will be happy to know the chefs are in the kitchen testing recipes inspired by their Asian romp.  Word on the street is the mobile kitchen will be opening for business soon, but the chefs are resisting my stalking to find out. And coming this spring, Chefs Lauren Zanardelli and Graham Foster are teaming with Chef Aaron Manter from The Owl for a special dinner event. I'm super excited about the possibilities of this dinner, so I'll keep you posted.

Looking for inspiration:
You know that I get an obscene amount of magazines.  Finding something to cook should not be a problem for me, right?  Oh, so wrong.  I'm tired of chicken, tired of pasta, tired of Mexican...  I haven't seasoned my new dutch oven yet, so braising is sort of out for now... I flipped through recipes all night last night and finally landed on Shrimp Fried Rice.  One of the many things I've never cooked before.  How is this possible?  Finally, something simple and quick I can get behind. So I ran off to the store today for even more condiments (Sesame Oil and Rice Vinegar) to fill my pantry, but it promises to be a good dish.  Here's hoping...


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