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Thursday, December 06, 2012

truffle fries, a holiday tune and catch up

I was sipping on a glass of Alamos Malbec (great wine for under $15 pick), and thinking that I've let the week slip by without posting.  

I went to Marks again this week with my buddy Ximena and totally ordered their Parmesan Truffle Fries.  They are so blasted good that there aren't words.  I'm a huge truffle fan.  Love the truffle. I think I'd eat it on morning buttered toast.  Seriously. Anyway, you should go get these fries... their burgers are damn good, too.

Onward. December is a big ta-do in the Livengood household.  There's baking and present wrapping and shopping and house cleaning and chorus concerts and parades and dinners with friends... yep, the Christmas season has us all wrapped up with busy-ness.

The blogs are full of delicious Christmas recipes this time of year, too, aren't they?  I can't possibly cook everything on my Holiday Baking board on Pinterest before the Big Guy comes down the chimney, but I'll gonna sure try!

I stumbled upon the Big Red Kitchen blog last week.  What caught my eye was a post about mixing Eggnog with Ginger Ale.  I ran to the fridge (I had both) and excitedly mixed them together, because as we all know, I am obsessed with all things eggnog.  It was interesting.  I wouldn't serve it at your next party, but it was definitely worth trying once.

Jacob Johnson is the bomb.  He's a fixture in the local coffee shop (Ithe Forest...still known to many locals as Leopard Forest) so I get to see his smiling face when I run in for a mid-afternoon pick-me- up. He posted this rendition of the Peanut's version of Christmastime last week.  The boy can tear up a guitar. And apparently he too shares an appreciation for Charlie Brown's Christmas which makes him even cooler. Enjoy.

Next.  Kate Middleton is pregnant.  There will be royal baby...which as a toddler will actually be a royal pain in the butt.  Hahahahaha!  Yep.  Made that one up  folks.  I'm just a regular Jay Leno, eh?

(crap!  My glass is empty. Time for a refill.)

Oh!  I finally found someone who could appreciate my appreciation for bowties!  Adam Roberts!  If you follow my blog often, he's The Amateur Gourmet guy I talk about all the time. A food nerd and fellow food blogger (but he's made it BIG TIME).  Check out this really awesome talk he just gave to publicize his new book (which is on my Christmas list).

Okay.  That's all folks.  Enjoy your evening. I have more for tomorrow so stay posted!

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