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Friday, October 12, 2012

a date with the daughter, buns and Fall for Greenville

Yesterday I had a date with my daughter after school. We headed downtown to take an art class at Daly Designs where we made fabric banners.  It was research for my day job. I was the only adult around the table (who cares), but enjoyed myself thoroughly and had fun chatting it up with our teacher, Ashley Ruff of Image to Impact.   

While our banners dried, we went to a new restaurant, Grill Marks, for dinner. At ten, my child doesn't mind hanging out with mom, but she told me as we walked to dinner that I do embarrass her sometimes and would be paid back sufficiently when she is older and I am old. Awesome.  

Last week, someone told me they had eaten at this new place beside Soby's that I should go check out. The restaurant is owned by the Larkin's on the River folks. 

They actually brand their brioche buns here with the logo. Nice.  

And best of all, I could order a Gluten-Free bun!  On top of being one of the best burgers I've eaten at a restaurant (let's face it, home grilled burgers are just that awesome and hard to beat), they had gluten-free options all over the menu.  My burger was topped with swiss cheese and mushrooms and I ordered a side of sweet potato fries.  (I tried to be good and order the veggie burger, but they were out.)You can't tell from this picture, but the burger was huge! I didn't need the fries but couldn't help nibbling on the pile of crunchy tastiness with a side of sweet dipping sauce. 

They had Thomas Creek Root beer on tap, and my child was all over that. She ordered her regular: chicken fingers and fries and oohed and ahhed over them.  And I would think she's an expert on the dish since it's pretty much all she orders when we take her to eat anywhere.  We wound up wrapping up dinner with a shake since it's one of the Grill Marks specialties.  They make their ice cream in house.  We got a salted caramel shake to go and sipped it while we walked back to our car.  Stupendous. 

Note: the restaurant's bar options were way cool.  I saw a Pumpkin Chi concoction on the shelf and would have ordered a shot had I not been with child.  I must return for the adult menu.  And adult shakes!

Grill Marks on Urbanspoon

I try to enjoy these times with my girl.  Ten is way closer to 18 than I'd like and she's our only.  I think I made her swear once that she'd live at home forever, but I'm at the same time hoping she has forgotten and will move next door instead. I love her and can't stand to think she'll be far far away some day. That's one cool kid folks.

I wanna add that it's Fall for Greenville weekend guys.  One of my favorite Greenville events.  The restaurants move outdoors under tents along the street and you can walk around and order the best of their menus.  It was where I fell in love with my first Greenville restaurant years ago.  I had my first Soby's Crab Cake on the streets of Greenville and I was hooked.  Anyway, get out there.  Battling the crowd (the very big crowd) is worth it. Get your grub on!

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Anonymous said...

I know Ashley! Looks like fun :) I hope you enjoy FFG! I'm too busy to go this weekend, but it's always so much fun!