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Saturday, October 13, 2012

You've Got Mail, cookies and ice cream and Saturday chatter

Today is the perfect Fall day for You've Got Mail. I just love Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan. I love their cute intereaction over email in the movie.  I love the reminder that we once had to wait on our internet to dial and I would hold my breath waiting to hear those three little words that would make or break my day: "You've got mail!"

I'm knitting a blue scarf for someone today, too. I haven't knitted in FOREVER!  My chores are done.  My husband is outside pressure washing the house and the driveway and I am left to my own devices. I was borderline bored and then realized I had actual time to knit! Imagine that?! And time to watch a movie.  A girly movie that only I love and no one else wants to see.  That, my friend, is a good day.

I need a Twitter lesson.  I'm tinkering with it but embarrassing myself probably more than effectively communicating. Seriously.  I'd love to be on it more but 1) I feel seriously overstimulated like I can't leave the room because the conversation is just too good and 2) I have no idea what I'm doing with the # and the @ and all that jazz.  Someone send me advice before I embarrass myself further.

This is my new favorite ice cream.  Next best thing to pralines from the Market in Charleston. I'm so not looking to see if there is gluten in there.  Ignorance is bliss in this case.

 I saw these in my freezer too.  I thought I would share, though I'm not cooking them today.  Cookies and ice cream is a bit overkill for afternoon snack, don't you think? I am a HUGE Immaculate Baking Co. fan and had no idea they make Gluten Free cookies!  They started in Hendersonville, NC.  Did you know that?  They are now based out of who knows where.

I'm also making my Halloween party list today.  So far I am going to make a carved pumpkin throwing up guacamole, a red hand floating in green punch, cupcakes and pizza that looks like candy corn. I just love Halloween.  My sexy bar wench costume should be here next week.  Then I'll be all set.  

I am crazy obsessed with Sullivan Stapleton from Strikeback. He's my new Ryan Gosling.

Gangster Squad Poster

When Gangster Squad comes out in January, I will be one happy woman. Now if they could only cram in the guy from Chicago Fire.  You know, the gap toothed one.  Heaven.

I am super stoked about the Nov. 2 Dangermuffin concert at Jack of the Wood in Asheville.  I always seem to miss them in Chucktown, so this is a WAY big deal for me. My first time seeing them live! Then that Sat. I am taking a food writing class from Ashley Warlick, who in my world is like superstar writer woman. My writer/blogger buddy April is coming down for the class, too.  Even more to be excited about!

In front of the lens: there was a news report this week about a mom who blogged about how important it is for moms to be in pictures WITH their kids and not just behind the lens... I'd like to say that that's the second time something on that subject came up yesterday and here are my thoughts.  People should love themselves for who they are. I have friends, multiple friends, who will shy away from the camera.  Who will throw up their hands to block the lens.  Who would much rather be taking the picture than IN the picture. Why people?  You are beautiful and no matter what, that's what you look like at that moment for better or worse so embrace it dude!  If someone is taking the time or attention to snap your picture, you must mean so much more than you think you do.  Smile. Click. Move on.

Happy Saturday!

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