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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

a little wine and a little dine in Chucktown

It's 4:30.  Too early for dinner?  Okay, maybe a glass of wine first.  I'm trying out this tonight. The wine is a pet project of Dave Matthews, believe it or not.  Yes, the singer. It's not bad!  Definitely a California red...a little sweet, a little dry.  Yum.

So I have fled the mountains. Well, not exactly fled.  More like had to head to the coast for a little work (and a little play).  I managed to juggle my time just right and get to Charleston in time for lunch today.  I was on a mission to try The Taco Spot at West Ashley. It's a walk in place with dining in the back. I ate in my car as I often do. Not recommended with messy tacos. 

The Grouper and Cilantro Soy Aioli taco was yum, but the teriyaki steak taco is not recommended.  Messy and way too sweet for a taco! But a rather cool joint all the same. Kudos on Trip Advisor and Urban Spoon are well deserved. And $2.50 tacos (5% discount if you pay cash)...need i say more?

Side note: when using iPhone's most intelligent map/directions service it helps if you type in the right city with the business you are hunting, or you might end up at a used furniture place named Trader Joe's in Charleston instead of the new Trader Joe's on Mt. Pleasant! Just saying. 

I stopped at the Oops! Company at Mt. Pleasant and scored an awesome Lands End blue shirt for super cheap.  I love Oops!  Then I hit the last Mt. Pleasant Farmer's Market of the season and grabbed a bit of dinner (pulled grilled chicken with mustard bbq sauce, squash casserole and green beans) before heading in for the evening. 

When I finally put my foot in the October sand, I understand why people say it's the best month at the beach. 

Hell, October is just plain awesome everywhere, isn't it? If someone made me choose, I'd still pick the mountains, but the changing color of the marsh grass, the cool air, the sparsely populated beach...Isle of Palms sure is nice too this time of year... (for some reason this pic wouldn't orient to the right...enjoy anyway.)

Happy Monday evening all!  Off to watch pre-debate babble on the tube.

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