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Friday, October 19, 2012

foodie fun in Chucktown

Home sweet home and back at the keys.  I wanted to share some of the cool things I crammed in while I was in Charleston this time. If you aren't following Gap Creek Gourmet in Facebookland, you should be cause you're missing out on the rest of my adventures.  Just saying.

First, I stopped off at the SC State Fair on my way to the coast on Tuesday.  I've only been to a big fair once or twice in my life.  My favorite part? The animals, of course. (You thought I was going to say food, didn't you?  Heck no!  Fair food is terrible unless you like grease pit food that drips down your arms. Okay, the cotton candy is an exception. Love cotton candy.)

One of the coolest things I did while I was gone this time was to hang out with the guys at Sweeteeth Chocolate and King of Pops in their digs in North Charleston.  If you read the blog regularly, you know Sweeteeth is my favorite chocolate.  I swear you'll have an adult moment when you bite into their Sea Salt Caramel bar. I watched Mr. Johnny Chocolatier whip up some caramel

and watched the King of Pops folks make a batch of pops.  Also a fan of the King of Pops gourmet Popsicles and happens that both companies share a warehouse space.  I got a little taste of the behind the scenes magic.

The guys were listening to this band. Whatcha think? I downloaded the whole CD.  Very cool 1940's vibe. The video is freaking awesome. Watch it.

I think I could honestly eat out every meal for the rest of my life in Charleston and never hit every place I want to go, so it's a tough decision where to eat while I'm there.

I finally made it to The Wreck at Shem Creek, though I don't know, besides the fantastic sunset, what all the fuss is about.  Average seafood. Expensive considering they serve it on paper plates... But they did have half price bottles of wine and a good selection at that (though I stuck to tea this time).

I met friends at Huck's last night on Isle of Palms and let me tell you, it was the best thing I've put in my face in ages!  Honestly. I had the fried pork chop with apple butter on top of blue cheese mashed potatoes and collard greens.  Heaven. Did I mention I totally blew the Gluten-Free thing most days while I was gone?  Okay, didn't do too bad, but I didn't abstain either.  Hi, I'm a gluten-aholic.

I took my child and her friend to the Boone Hall Corn Maze on Wednesday.  Now that was something!  I thought it would be a crazy, get me out of this corn cause I'm panicking situation, but no!

It was fun walking through the maze and trying to trace along on the map we had in our hand. My daughter thought to leave a corn trail "like Hansel and Gretel" in case we got lost.  Good thinking.  We took a hay ride (sans hay), too and the kids played on a fake spider web, a climbing tower with a slide  that emptied out into a pile of sand and some bouncy things.   Fun thing to do if you're in the lowcountry soon.  It was a cool way to welcome fall and start the big week of Halloween celebrations coming up.

So now I'm back home and the laundry is rolling.  Date night with the husband tonight!  Yea me!  Hey, did you know Starbucks put out Pumpkin Spice Latte Ice Cream this year?  I swear I gotta get some of this. Anyone seen it in the store yet?

Anywho.  Happy weekend all!

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Carrie Land said...

What an awesome trip! I used to live close to Columbia and went to the fair nearly every year. I like to people watch there. All kindsa nuts wandering around. :) Enjoy date night!