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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

morning joe, a giraffe and pumpkin season

Morning y'all!  On my second cup, how about you?  I was excited to wake up and find out that the Greenville Zoo Giraffe finally had her baby last night!  Our internet is crap or we would have been watching like some of my crazed Facebook friends at 11:45 pm. Instead we spent the evening watching Homeland and went to bed early.. I honestly forgot there was a debate.  It would have just aggravated me anyway.

Pumpkin season.  Ah.  I love pumpkin season.  So much so that it absolutely tanned my hide yesterday when upon driving through McDonald's for my unsweet tea they handed me a CHRISTMAS CUP!  Um. No.  It's still October.  Don't get me wrong, I squeal with glee when I see my first Starbucks Christmas cup of the season, but AFTER October please.  I don't care that it's only two months till Christmas.  It's 75 degrees outside.  It's not time for hot chocolate or eggnog milk shakes. Wait until Nov. 1st. Please folks?  At least? We can shop and fa-la-la during Turkey season.

Have you got your pumpkin yet?  We haven't. But it's on my to-do list this week. As is getting ready for the annual Livengood Halloween Bash. I'm gonna be a Bar Winch. My boy is going to be a knight. My child is going to be a zebra.  She rebelled and broke from the theme. Oh, well.

I've been catching up on the day job and household stuff since I was gone most of last week, so no new foodie adventures to chat about.  I've actually been cooking, but not taking pictures?! What's wrong with me? I gotta remember to take pics to share, right? 

Happy pumpkin shopping all! 

1 comment:

April said...

Pumpkin season!! Just had a pumpkin spice popsicle from the Healthy Carolina Farmer's Market.

Agreed on the Christmas cup. I don't even want to think about past Halloween this year. Too much mess and holidays and blechhh. Although I do LOVE Christmas decorating!