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Thursday, October 25, 2012

bacon cookies, bazooka bubblegum and these blasted ladybugs!

My  mother came over last night to help me finish decorating for Halloween, and I made bacon bbq wrapped chicken fingers with sweet potato tater tots.  Okay, so I dumped the tots out of a bag onto a pan and baked them, but that constitutes "making" right? 

I also "made" gluten free chocolate chip cookies with bacon, toasted pecans and a little pepper on top... with a little balsamic/maple reduction drizzle.  It was an experiment.  Maybe a little flavor overkill, but yummy all the same. 

My daughter and I chomped on Bazooka Bubblegum on the way home yesterday.  Did you know you can still buy the stuff for 3 cents and it still has a comic in it?  Way cool.  And it blows killer bubbles. (note: bubble lips are not attractive)

Another highlight of the day was that my Bon  Appetit Thanksgiving issue came in the mail.  Yea me!  A magazine day is a very good day.  It's like getting a present in the mail!

Have lady bugs invaded anyone else's house?   I am not kidding when I say they have invaded.  There are THOUSANDS on my back porch!  Can you see them all over the screen? And as the sun is setting you can see swarms of them in the air.  They are even dive bombing the hubs while he is staining our deck.  

When there is one lady bug they are really cute.  When there are this many, you want to run screaming to your daddy.  (I did the first time I saw them swarm like this.  I actually called my dad in tears. He said to calm down and vacume them up. Smart man.)

Someone posted this t'shirt on Pinterest from this site.  I must have it. I immediately sent my sister a Christmas request email as soon as I saw it. 

Coffee, Cupcakes, Wine

Don't hate me, but I had a long drive yesterday morning way too early for my liking and in order to stay awake, I listened and sang very loudly to Christmas music.  I like to pretend I'm singing in front of a crowd (which I don't think I ever could and not even for karaoke but it keeps me awake). As I said, don't hate me. 

The end. 

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