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Monday, October 29, 2012

monster storm, mini-shows and monster season

My new favorite snack is roasted chick peas. Thank you How Sweet It Is!

Sandy the Storm has send some crazy winds our way.  Our power (which is iffy on a good day) was off most of today.  I spent the time organizing the last three years of Everyday Food and Food Network and Paula Deen Mags - only part of my extensive magazine collection.  And after three hours of finding stuff to do not involving power, I decided it would be a good idea to venture out of the valley and bum someone's internet  So I did.

I'm newly obsessed with this YouTube Wigs channel show called Audrey.  (It's R rated. I'd stick in the ear buds if you're at work.  Don't want this blaring around your office.)  It's like Sex and the City meets the Food Porn website and is really, really good. Someone asked me to plug it on the blog and I was like, yeah, whatever.  Sure. But I really do like it and can't wait until the next episode!

I got sucked into this show, too. Three episodes in before I could stop myself. What is the deal with these little YouTube mini-shows?  I'm so a fan. Got one you watch?  Send me a link!

Local coffee addict news: If you live in the Greenville area, the Cherrydale Starbucks is having a free coffee seminar/tasting on Thursday at 6ish p.m. to 7 p.m. so go get some free coffee!  They are testing out their new Verismo system.  I went in for a car line Pumpkin Latte today and told them I'd let you all know, so tell them Gap Creek Gourmet sent ya!

When we got home, the power had returned, we rushed to make cupcakes for my child's class before it went off again...

and I made dinner.  A version of this Quinoa Salad (I subbed wine for broth and pecans for walnuts) and baked chicken. We may have to eat it cold, but at least there will be food and you won't find our little cold starved bodies holed up in the house. I've watched too much television. Clearly.

I'm so stoked it's Halloween week.  Then will it be okay to sing Christmas songs?

Happy Monday!

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