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Monday, November 12, 2012

cupcakes, horses and food news

I just spent part of the morning making maple bacon cupcakes.  I haven't done that in a long time! It was a special request for someone's birthday and mildly therapeutic on this rainy ikky day. In the process of makin' bacon I think I ruined my favorite shirt, though.   There's a reason we have aprons right? I own like 6.  You'd think I'd learn.  (Dear brother: I need another Clemson t-shirt stat.)

Wanted: a little holiday cheer.  Mine ran away.

The Bipolar blues have reared their ugly head again. For those of you who can't relate, it's like walking through mud all day long.   It takes 100% more effort to do things like wake up and talk and walk and be a human. You pretty much want to stare at the wall until it passes and hope you don't run into anyone that wants you to be too excited to see them because the effort is just a bit too much to deal with.  That's the joy of mental malfunction folks.  It pretty much sucks.

I keep trying to think of something that would make me feel better and honestly all I can come up with is going out to the barn to cuddle the horse, so guess who's going to the barn to get horsey cuddles after I pick the child up from school?  Horse cuddles.  That's a new one for me.  My child has been a horse girl since she was born. Not me... not at all.    But I've even been thinking about actually getting on one recently.  This is a new development in my life.  I'm blaming it on listening to too much country music and watching too many Heartland episodes on DVD.

I did stop by Starbucks this morning, hoping to find a little joy in a Mocha Latte.  It was tasty, but not blissfully so. I was jonesin' for a pretzel from Bavarian Pretzel Factory, too, but they are closed on Mondays... Does anyone else find the giant white sticker they put on your Starbucks to-go cup annoying? What happened to using magic markers?  It just feels wrong.  Tainted. Sigh. (She sips on her now cold cold coffee.)

Well, did ya hear Paula Deen is coming to Greenville on Wednesday?  If I knew the line wouldn't be butt to boob, I'd go out for a chance to meet her, but I think I'll be excited from afar.  In case you want to get into the human traffic jam, she'll be at Bi-Lo at 101 Verdae Blvd  on Wednesday at 10 a.m, according to WYFF4.com  She'll be there promoting the store's efforts to stock local food banks for the holiday season.  A good cause.

One more thing.  I saw on Facebook that the Chocolate Moose (Main Street Downtown Greenville) now has their very own cupcake truck.  Will we be seeing them out there with the food trucks?  No word, but I'll keep you posted.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Maple Bacon Cupcakes sound oddly delicious. I would love to try one of those.

I've struggled with depression since high school, I know what those deep blues can feel like. I hope the horse snuggles help!