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Monday, August 27, 2012

Cola, crush and crashing.

I spent last Friday rambling around Columbia.  I've become quite fond of SC's capital city. I played with the Lorikeets at the zoo in the morning for work and then went to meet Ed, the giant kid at Edventure in the afternoon (also for work).  You can crawl inside him, check out his brain, his stomach and slide out his colon.  (I saved that treat for my next visit.)   

I met fellow food blogger April Blake at the Hunter Gatherer Brewery and Alehouse for lunch (Nice vibe, but I can't rave about the Mac n Cheese, though I was so hoping...).  April and I have chatted it up on Facebook for a while now so I thought we should actually do the face to face thing.   I've met some really awesome people through Facebook and blogging. She is rad! Follow her blog

How have I never seen this? I don't think I've watched videos since before MTV abandoned the format. Thanks to one of my buddies at Friday night's girls night in Columbia, I am newly obsessed with this video and Mr. JT.  

I put some crazy mileage on the car this weekend meeting friends!  After coming back home for long enough to get a shower and kiss the hubs and child, I was back in the car bound for Spartanburg for a homemade Empanadas lesson and to catch up time with my Argentinian friend.  (Love ya X!  Thanks for the lesson!  I wish I had brought some home!)

There was not enough time in my Sunday to recoup from my Weekend o Girls' Nights. I made this Fig and Gorgonzola Crisp from the How Sweet It Is blog before my figs went bad.  So yum but REALLY rich...

 and managed to get some sit down time to watch Hunger Games.  Our friend was a prop guy on the movie, so we were excited to see what he had been doing for months and months.  We also watched the season finale of True Blood.  I wanted to squeeze in The Newsroom too, but didn't happen.  I'll be so bummed when I finish the season finale of that one. I really, really love it.  Scandal (another one of my top pics) and Boardwalk Empire and Walking Dead will all be on again soon, so at least there will be something to tide me over til Girls starts in January.
On the health front... I am now allergic to air.  I'm kidding.  But I have been itching in random places all over my body for the past two weeks (like fleeting hives) so I'm not ruling it out.  My doc thinks I'm now allergic to my bipolar meds. Yeah... expect a breakdown post soon. Today I was doing good to stay vertical.

BUT the fact that Snapfish sent me a nice email with news of their SocialPic Book did provide me with a moment of excitement!  I can't wait to get on there and play.  But first, I must work.  Real work.  The kind I get paid for.  And get ready for an event tonight, but oh how my bed calls...

Ta y'all.

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