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Monday, February 10, 2014

Monday Mashup: cronuts, the sushi nazi, showers and salt.

Monday, Monday! (she sings Mamas and the Papas) How's everyone doing?  I just finished shoving two lemons and rosemary sprigs in the cavity of a chicken and rubbed it down with butter. How's that vision to start your day?  Did I mention I hate bone-in chicken?  Gross. But I committed to make the Pioneer Woman Cooks Roasted Chicken recipe for Cookbook Club tonight in an effort to get over my phobia of cooking a whole chicken.  We'll see how this goes. (Turned out pretty good, I'd say!)

Rolling with it.
I spent ALL DAY yesterday making Ree Drummond's Cinnamon Rolls and Orange Marmalade Rolls to take to Cookbook Club, too. My kitchen looked like a natural disaster had hit.  The rolls are as-big-as-my-hand huge and beautiful and delicious, but I can't say I would make these things more than once a year.  For real.  All day. Seriously? Check out my Instagram page for photos of the experience.

Yes, I finally found a cronut to stuff in my face.  LeGrand Bakery in Greenville is making their version of the famed Cronut, originally conceived and trademarked by chef Dominique Ansel of Dominique Ansel Bakery in New York City.  My friend Ruta has been raving about the LeGrand version, so I had to get out and try one for the class. They are freaking incredible. I tried to share with my friend, but she, like every one else I know, is on a diet! Arg. I ate it myself.  Layers of buttery croissant goodness in the shape of a doughnut with the occasional custard mingled in then sprinkled with powdered sugar. Delish. You gotta go get one of these... or four.

No sushi for you! #sushinazi 
Everyone has been talking about this place called Purple (aka Purple International Bistro and Sushi) in Greenville. Best sushi in town, I was told.  And guess what?  The buzz was pretty dead on.  I met my buddy Josie and my new friend Karen Hammons of Everyday Orange there for lunch last week.  We were presented with a beautiful, plate of assorted sushi: Shrimp Tempura with Cherry Blossom Salt (lovely!), Bagel Roll, Cherry Blossom Leaf Sushi (amazing), Yellow Tail Sushi, and something I've never eaten before, Hako sushi, a pressed sushi (think layered sushi then sliced like a roll).  It was all really good, but here's the deal, the waitress basically berated us for even the thought of using soy sauce on their sushi. Dude!  You make your own soy sauce IN HOUSE!  Why would I not use it?! Her persistence was a little shocking. I love to get a good smear of wasbi on my sushi and then give it a quick dip in soy sauce.  It's the best!  Yes, it might cover up the subtle flavors of fresh fish, but it's tasty.  (So I'm not a sushi snob. I'm just now getting used to eating raw.) She was borderline mean.  Not sure I want to deal with that again.  Maybe sushi to go next time, so I can eat without shame.

Babies, babies everywhere!
One of my biggest fans, Erica, had a baby shower this weekend.  A very rocked out baby shower in anticipation of baby Emerson.  I am so jealous that my major life events fell outside the days of Pinterest! My sister just happens to be Erica's bff and totally scoured Pins and Boards to make sure it was a shower Erica would remember. I swear there were a dozen babies there under the age of one. Amid the bouncing and cooing and occasional crying,  I sat absolutely amazed watching the gifts being opened.  How many times can someone reinvent the wheel?  A grass counter top drying rack complete with a tree for hanging pacifiers and bottle miscellaneous. My baby days are so over, but I think I could find a purpose for this thing. Oooh! It would make a fantastic wine glass drying rack! 

Salt of the South.
Bulls Bay Saltworks Sea Salt is one of my new favorite things.  This South Carolina company is reviving an industry long since forgotten in our state's history.  Did you know that South Carolina made its own salt during the Civil War era?  I had no clue. According to their website, Bulls Bay Saltworks is the first operational salt works in South Carolina since February 25, 1865.  Go here for more history. As soon as I discovered the product, I called the company to find out a little about their salt.  Since, it has become one of our most prized commodities in the Livengood household.  We used the Smoked Sea Salt on our steak before grilling this weekend.  And I just sprinkled Carolina Flake all over a chicken. I know that Swamp Rabbit Cafe and Grocery carries the salt in Greenville, but for a store near you, go here or you can order online.

That's all I've got folks.  I'm busy working on the new GapCreekGourmet.com to be launched soon.  So exciting.

Happy Monday!

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