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Monday, July 23, 2012

Foodie adventures and a technology meltdown

I dumped coffee on my laptop on Sunday so I'm blogging from my iPhone... Which for about an hour today wouldn't turn on AT ALL either and I called my husband in a full on modern technology withdrawal panic. God bless that man, seriously, for dropping his very important work to come to my rescue- which he does often. So thankful. Ps: if your iPhone freezes up, you can press the on button and home button at
the same time for 20 seconds to reboot. Knowledge that might have saved me from the brink of a stroke today. You are welcome. I swear if there was Ben and Jerry's, chocolate, cheesecake... in my house it would be gone, baby gone. These Funyuns will do til happy hour.

Most of my pictures are on my laptop that won't work so.... We r winging it today folks. You see my commitment to you guys? I so appreciate all the people who read religiously and stop me on the street, at the store... etc to show me the love. Thank you! Any who that's why I'm pecking on my iPhone on the back porch at the moment.

What is up with the corn this summer? I swear it's the best corn EVER! Can you genetically engineer butter and salt into it? Sure seems the food stand at Hwy 11 and 25 have!!! Way to go Tankersleys!

Sierra and I bounced from market to market on Saturday. I have great pics... Which I'll share later. I met the Marvelous Pies lady at the Saturday Market in downtown Greenville! I've been stalking her on Facebook so I know for a fact she's been selling out of pies almost as soon as the market is open. I got there at 8:30 clearly on a mission and snagged one of her last Blueberry Peach Pies. I shared with friends that night - the consensus being that the crust was freaking fantastic!

I was at the Travelers Rest Community Market by 9am just in time to help my buddy Andi set up the Upcountry Provisions booth. You should have seen the fresh baked breads she pulled out of her car. I seriously thought about jumping in there, locking the doors, and eating it all myself, but talked myself into a smarter course of buying a muffin and cup of coffee from her and a Jalepeno Cheddar loaf to take to dinner with friends that night. I was bummed the Juiced folks weren't there but there were two baby goats at the soap booth that captured our hearts and scored tons of cuddles all morning.

We hit up the State Farmers Market on Rutherford Road in Greenville too! Busy girls! I wanted to check out their produce and South Carolina specialty food items. We came home with a half gallon of thoroughly magnificent Happy Cow Chocolate Milk which my child has demolished.

I gotta say farmers markets are in of my very favorite things in this world! I still need to get to the Flat Rock Market on Tuesday afternoons... 3-6 I think. It's my fav! Maybe next week. Happy Monday people! Revisit this post in a day or two for updated pics! And pics from my visit to Tiger Town!!!

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April said...

AH! Have you put your computer in rice?? Works for phones, works for computers! Pour an even layer of rice in a cookie sheet, set it in the rice and don't move it for a few days! The rice will soak up any extra moisture in it.

My husband did this for me when I dumped water on my macbook and I was impatient and picked up a few times and rice dust got in the fan, causing him a little extra work. Oops! Hope you get back up and running!