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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Contents of my kitchen and cooking challenges.

This is my kitchen today:

You think when you finish building a house, and the last worker packs his tools and waves goodbye that your days of getting up at the crack of dawn to let workers in is over.  Nope.  Because some of my walls and the bottoms of most of my cabinet fronts needed to be touched up workers have dumped the contents of my kitchen on my island and counter tops.

It made cooking lunch interesting. And sadly pointed out my need for real kitchen tools.  I was telling a friend of mine this week that most of the time I still use a steak knife to cut with because I'm crazy clumsy and slice myself to pieces when I use my Rachael Ray knives (yes, I'm using them correctly!).  She laughed and told me it was time to get some big girl tools.

Anyway, this is what I whipped up in the little foot by foot space the workers left me beside my stove top. Zucchini and Black Beans with salsa, cheese, sour cream and chipotle pepper sauce on tortillas. Really messy, but good.  I resorted to a fork.  It took me back to college days and my tiny solid metal 1970's-sh efficiency sink/cabinet/oven/stove combo in the 3' x 6' kitchen area of my apartment.  We ate a lot of canned green beans and tuna helper back then.  One of my college roommates posted on Facebook last week that she was having tuna helper for dinner.  I fell out.  Really?!  You're still eating that?  And now I have a craving for it, too. BLAST!

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