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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Pizza Slices and Monte Cristo Sandwiches

Greenville has some great pizza joints.  (Unfortunately none of those great places deliver to Gap Creek.) When my hubs told me about a pizza place called Torrelli's by University Square near Furman University that had the biggest slices of pizza he's ever eaten AND it is really good, I put it on my to do list.  Yesterday, I took my daughter on a foodie adventure after school since it was Valentine's Day and we gave it a whirl.

He wasn't kidding about the slices. They were GIANT.  For $5.96 you get two incredibly enormous pieces of cheese pizza and a drink.  Each pizza slice came on not one, but two plates.  Paper plates. Swanky, right?  It was a little greasy on top, but really, really good New York style pizza with a thin crust that was crispy around the outside.  The pizza was salty and bubbly and well seasoned with Italian spices... they didn't just sling some cheese on there.

My child and I stared at our pieces for a minute and developed an eating strategy before digging in. She worked her way from a corner and I rolled mine. No way we could finish either piece, so we got a to-go box which I retrieved out of the fridge and reheated for lunch today! (She's gonna be mad that I ate her leftovers.)

  I can't wait to go again.  They had some great dinner specials too like Chicken Parmesan with sides of spaghetti, two rolls and a salad for $12.95.  What do you want to bet it's enough for two?

I have to say that the the atmosphere is not stupendous, but for these prices, and some good food? Who cares?  Keep in mind we're not talking top of the line foodie gourmet, but regular, everyday people food.

We were still pretty stuffed at dinner, but I surprised my husband with a handmade card and a Monte Cristo Sandwich complete with a side of Raspberry jam.    That's his all-time favorite.  I found this recipe online for baking the batter soaked sandwich instead of frying it. The bread turned out a little soggy on the inside from the meat or the mustard, we weren't sure, but they were crispy on the outside and got two thumbs up from Dan.  That's all that mattered.  The heart was a nice touch, don't you think?

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