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Monday, February 20, 2012

Asheville Small Plate Crawl: Feb 21-23, 2012

So tomorrow evening I'm headed up the mountain for Asheville Small Plate Crawl put on by the ever so fabulous Carolina Epicurean and Asheville Independent Restaurant Association (AIR). You'll remember in November, my bff and I ate our way around downtown for Hendersonville's small plate extravaganza until we were drunk on food.   (The next day I had a serious food hangover and craved old school white bread toast.)

My task tonight is to narrow 31 restaurants down to something more manageable for one evening.  I'm flipping through dishes like Smoked Duck with Wild Cherry Confit & Tarragon Flan, Bacon Wrapped Smoked Pork Shoulder: Collard green pudding & Carolina bbq fluid gelScallop & Sweet Breads: Arugula, pan fried sweetbreads, seared jumbo scallop, duck demi, crispy salsify...how is a foodie to choose?  My stomach is only so big and I only have so much time. The answer is in sharing and to-go containers.  I learned this at the Hendersonville crawl as a lady beside me opened her cooler bag which was full of small ziplock containers.  Smart, eh?

So my plan starts with a sunset dinner at Grove Park Inn, and then heading downtown to crawl our way to another food hangover.  I'll share with the class on Wednesday.  Are you missing the Asheville crawl?  Hendersonville Small Plate Crawl returns April 17th and 18th.

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