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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Birthdays and Breakfasts

I read a really great blog post by The Amateur Gourmet, Adam Roberts, this week.  He says everyone should drink Champagne on their birthday.  I agree.  I've decided to go halfsies with a friend to purchase a nice bottle. I've never had real Champagne, that I can recall. How have I not done that!?!  I foresee a sunny afternoon on the porch sipping bubbly.

Yesterday was my daughter's 10th birthday.  We have officially arrived at double digits.  (Yes, that is a tattoo on her face...and yes, I let her wear it to school. Why not?) I drug my body out of bed extra early to make her chocolate chip pancakes.  

I met a friend at Restaurant Next at 1879 N. Hwy 25 in Travelers Rest yesterday for my own breakfast.   I pass this place at least twice every day, but haven't stopped because, frankly, it just doesn't look that welcoming.  There are rarely cars parked outside and when you look in the front door, you are staring at a wall, so you can't really tell what to expect when you walk through the doors.  I was surprised to find it is nice inside.  A bit chilly and both the television and music were playing at the same time... a little too much for me at 9 am, but it the owners were super welcoming.

The decor is nice.  The walls are warm and the lights are dim.  There were daffodils (my favorite flower) on our table. We selected two coffee mugs, doctored our West End Coffee Company coffee and found a seat by the window.  I opened the blinds to let in some natural light.    We ordered Bacon, Egg and Cheese biscuits, which though slow getting to the table, were stupendous! The biscuits and eggs were fluffy, the bacon was crisp.  I'm definitely going back for lunch and dinner soon.  The owners ran Manna Deli in Travelers Rest for a while and I always enjoyed their lunch.  The service was slow and is still a bit sluggish, but good customer service goes a long way!

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