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Friday, January 27, 2012

friday fun

Happy sunny day friends and foodies!  This has been some kind of week for me.  It's been pretty dang rainy here in mountainland and I have a crazy delayed leg/hip injury (think whiplash but in your thigh), so I haven’t been able to get in the kitchen all week...or go anywhere.  Forced laziness is not relaxing. Not at all. I have been online a lot and the stack of to-try recipes is piling up fast.

I found this goodie in Bon Appetit: Gnocchi Gratin with Gorgonzola Dolce (a recipe by Victoria Granof), and this one in February's Southern Living: Pimiento Cheese Cookies with jam filling 

And I found this great article in Southern Living about The Fine Art of Piddling.  When I was a kid, the men in my life were piddlers.  My dad would piddle in the basement, outside or with the stack of things beside his recliner. My Papa would piddle in the yard. My step-dad would disappear for hours in his garage to piddle.  I'm a piddler, too.  I can spend hours messing around with no particular goal.  It's time not wasted.  It's thoroughly enjoyed!  It's a kind of living people don't enjoy too much anymore.  So read away. Learn to piddle (just not on the carpet). 

I found some pretty cool things while web-window-shopping, and I’ve watched a few flicks.  

I need this from King Arthur Flour:

and I'm ordering this from American Spoon:

I watched 50/50. I have to say that because Seth Rogen was in the flick, and because it's been compared to Superbad (one of my all time favorite movies) I thought I'd laugh my ass off, but no... I think I cried more than laughed. Way more serious than I anticipated.  A few funny scene's but not what I expected.  A good movie, but it won't go in my repertoire.

I've got Ides of March on tap today.  

I've been stalking David Lebovitz this week via his blog. I really want this book:

David is an award winning Chef turned full time book author who now lives in Paris.  I dream of Paris.  My aunt is going AGAIN in March (I'm being a hater). One day I'll get there.  Maybe someone will send me on a writing assignment.  I am learning French, just in case.  YouTube is amazing. This week I'm working on numbers.  It's amazing how hard it is to make a new sound!  Number 4 is killing me.  Thank goodness I have friends who are fluent.  I can practice!

One more thing.  With the right amount of muscle relaxers (or alcohol) and Alieve I might be able to get in the kitchen to make these later today.  If I don't get in the kitchen soon, I'm going to go NUTS!  Cooking is my life.  

See, even stuck inside, I can find a little excitement!   Have a great weekend!  I'm hoping to get out to Van's Chocolates next week (or on Saturday if my husband will drive me). I hear they have the best chocolate ever.  I'm on a mission to find out!     

I'm also on a mission to try this wine

Stay tuned....

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mellissa@ibreatheimhungry said...

Hey Michelle, hope you are feeling better soon! I hate "forced laziness" too! You're going going going and so busy you wish you had a day to just do nothing and veg in front of the TV all day but then when you get sick or something happens and you have to, it's torture after the first few hours! And you can't even cook to take the edge off!?!?!? I feel for you! Love that "bake" cap, might order one myself! Hope you are back in the kitchen soon!