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Monday, October 11, 2004

You're Eating What?

So we're still eating grass and tree bark (no, not really) and it is working out fairly well, but I still haven't mastered tofu. If anyone has any ideas... my first attempt left daniel requesting that I please not try it again. But I don't give up that easily.
And the whole milk thing was not something he wanted to let go of at all! But he is doing great without it and actully gets snotty when he drinks it. I've dropped a pants size and a marginal part of my ass. And we both have more energy I think. At least we feel better, which was the whole point of this thing anyway. The other stuff is just pudding on the side!
And with that... I thought maybe I would post some recipes that we have been making up as we go along. Last night I came up with a good one. Will post seperately.

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