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Saturday, October 02, 2004

Working on the Good Life!

Well my road of discovery looks pretty windy for the rest of the year! Daniel and I are on the Eat Right for your Blood Type diet... Both being type A's we are pretty much vegitarians now: beans, rice, soy, no wheat... It is actually incredible when you get over that first week hump and y0u start to notice that when you eat something that you aren't supposed to, you feel like shit. We found out the hard way when we went to my mom's for Sunday lunch. We thought we would blow the thing for one day... we were punished greatly. It feels really good to actually feel good... so once the wheel is in motion it isn't too bad.
Here's the diet scoop in case anyone is intersted... if not then skip this paragraph. For each of the 4 blood types (A, B, AB and O) there are specific diets based on your bodies ability to digest and process certain foods. Each diet has three food lists: Beneficial, Neutral, and Avoid. The Beneficial foods act as medicine to your body. They are healing and they specifically give your body what it naturally lacks. The Neutral foods are just that, foods. They provide vitamins and minerals but are not Wonderful or Horrible for you. And then there are the AVOID foods which actually are pretty poisonous to your body. They block normal body function and can create long turn problems if consumed in excess. So there's the scoop. You are supposed to eat as much as you can from the good stuff and stay away from the bad stuff. And you actually are supposed to return to a fairly reasonable weight quickly... looks like it is happening and it feels pretty damn good.
Next new thing. I am quiting massage at the end of the year to go work with Daniel. His business is growing incredibly fast and is at the point where he needs to hire someone. Why not me? So that's the plan. Maybe baby #2 will follow sometime in the next couple of years. We'll see.
I had my 10 year reunion last night and into the early am hours. It was most excellent. I think there were more people there that actually didn't graduate with us, than did, but they were mostly friends and it was really cool. A guy we graduated with, Matt McCree played for hours. He was pretty damn good. And we drank till we couldn't anymore. Thought the 10 yr. mark would be more tramatic, but once you meet up with people and you don't have your children with you, people are pretty much still young and goofy. I don't know if anyone outgrows that.
So that's my rambling... new group to check out. Trespassers William. Very Nice.
see ya!

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Nikki said...

Sounds like you had a lot of fun. I should have came out for once like I always say I will. Im sorry. It sounds like your life is going good. I hope eveything works out with the massage thing, As long as your happy that is all that matters!!!