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Friday, October 22, 2004

Politics, Religion, and Love: A Tangled Web

A friend of mine in Germany sent me a picture today of her and her partner. She is really in love. It's an awesome thing to find the other half of you. Someone that can be your best friend and be the one you share your life with. Why should there be any barrier to the sex of the person, or their color, or religion? What if your mate for life isn't exactly who you thought they would be, and you meet them and then the possibility arises that it might not be someone who is acceptable to your particular mass of people? Should you close the door on love? Is feeling love optional?
In election time, it is hard not to get tangled in the religion/government web. Do you vote based on the rights dictated by the church? Or the rights dictated by our constitution... or is our constitution dictated my men of the church as well? Isn't it written by men who didn't know how to separate church and state, although it is stated that church and state are separate? Isn't our country based on the rights or status handed to us by the church as an institution? I don't know. There aren't any women responding to Mrs. President, are there? Would I want there to be? I don't know. I wonder if by voting one way or the other on certain issues... equality... rights... if we are making a judgement on love? On who deserves it more than someone else? First it was the black community that didn't deserve love... then they did. Then it was women who were the last on the rung and didn't have a voice... now it's equality for all... well, sort of.
Earlier today when I was in Pier 1 a customer was complaining to a manager about another employee's "gayness". She was saying that he was blatantly "promoting the lifestyle". I wanted to ask: Did he hand you a button? Did he give you a leaflet?
We are who we are. Freaky religious nut, crazy unabandoned person, and shy tie boy with a briefcase... we all love, we all exist here and we should be able to openly be our abnormal selves. Be gay isn't contagious... anymore than red hair is. Why do we descriminate if we don't agree? I don't know if I would vote for a woman in office, but I vote yes for equal rights. Does it makes since? I don't know about values anymore. I know how to love and accept. I know how to have compassion and try to treat my neighbor as I want them to treat me. Isn't that the base of it all? I think that organization of feeling and thought have created a barrier for that. Hasn't organized religion actually gone against treat your neighbor as yourself? Is it the religion or the people spreading it... are they the same thing? Don't the organized make up the organization? And if that is the case, isn't the organization just as responsible to love and accept as the rest of us? I choose to remain unorganized, crazy, and I will love freely. A toast to my friend and her love, to acceptance, to living it like it really is. To all the rest of the stuff, I remain in the tangled web.

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