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Thursday, July 15, 2004

MM Recruiting New Voters

I went to see Fahrenheit 9/11.
I came out with questions. After the movie was over, people clapped. They stood up and cheered. I suddenly felt very guilty for being in that theatre. Was I wrong to have gone to see it in the first place? I felt somehow unpatriotic in a time when I should be standing strong for our country. For the men and women who are overseas and for that matter all over the world.
On the way home I cried.
And when I got home I tried to sort out my confusion.
The movie depends greatly on emotional reaction. I had a strong one, that was for sure, but where is the truth behind the emotion?
After a day or two of thoughtful research and emotional turmoil, I came to this conclusion: The "documentary" was nothing more than a glorified term paper. You see, when you are writing a paper, you have an opinion. You seek out facts... one liners, a paragraph here or there, to support what you feel is your ultimate point, and you stretch them, plug them and make them work in a way that supports your idea. In the original context, the items might not reflect such a point, but in the middle of your brilliant document, they look pretty damn good!
Michael Moore wasn't wrong. He wasn't right. He proved his point.
In the end, did I support his ideas? Some, maybe. No president has ever made perfect decisions. Thankfully, every four years we have a chance to decide if we trust his judgment for another term. I am still researching and learning at this point, but I will say this:
the movie pushed me into having an opinion about politics. And unlike some, I didn't leave the theatre hating my president. I left the theatre with a curious mind. Because of that, I have encouraged everyone to see the movie. MM gets an A for creativity and impact...
I never have voted before. I didn't think I should because I wasn't educated enough about what was going on in the world. I sure as hell will this time.

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