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Monday, January 20, 2014

Monday Mashup: birthday cake, my new fork, podcasts and wings

I totally just ate birthday cake straight out of the cake box for breakfast.  Coconut is a perfectly acceptable breakfast food, right?  It was my big birthday celebration this past weekend and dearest friends gathered to help me party the night away.  I ordered a giant coconut cake from Brick Street Bakery in Greenville.  We'll be eating on this cake next year. Okay, at the rate I'm diving in, it might be gone tomorrow, but you get the point. It's giant!

My friend, Griet, was leaving yesterday and being that it was cold outside, she wanted to put on her hat.  She had a ponytail and decided to cut a hole in her hat for her hair to stick out instead of having that giant bump on the back of your head.  You know the one.  I think this is pure genius and she could make millions off the idea.

I got a tattoo.  Yes I did!  A fork.  It's forking amazing.  Okay, so it kinda hurt like hell.  Like an angry cat continually scratching you, but it is super cool.  I just poked away at my iPhone in the other hand, took pics, etc and tried to ignore the incredible stinging coming from my other arm while he was working away.  Thank God my phone didn't die or I might have been a big baby about the whole thing.  So I am permanently forked.  And I love it.  J.J. Olinger was this incredible painter in Greenville before he started inking people, as well.  I was a huge fan so when he started doing the whole tattoo thing, I had to have a JJ original.  He gives this t-shirt away to people getting their first tattoo.  My husband was not totally stoked about this bit of the experience.

OMG. Adam Roberts, The Amateur Gourmet, will be in town next week and I get to meet him. (Squealing!)  I'm already jotting down questions so when he's sitting there and I'm thinking "OMG, Adam Roberts is sitting across from me!" I will have some go-to questions to keep me from looking like a totally obsessed fangirl. (Which I might be.  A little bit.  Okay, a lot.)

I'm also catching up on his Clean Plate Club podcasts.  My husband has been listening to podcasts forever, but I am a new fan.  After Christmas music ended, I just wasn't ready to go back to the regular play list, so podcasts have been a nice detour!  The Clean Plate Club is my favorite.  Adam invites one food person and one non-food person to have dinner with him and his partner, Craig, and they talk food, the entertainment industry (because Craig makes indie films), and general LA and New York gossip. LOVE it!  There, quite honestly, are not enough of them!  Get on that Adam!  I'm waiting!  OOOH!  We should do a Clean Plate Club recording over our breakfast next week!!!!! Can we?  (Begging. You can always delete it if I am unworthy.)

Other podcasts to check out: 3 Wine Guys, Go Fork Yourself (Andrew Zimmern and Molly Mogren), Spilled Milk (Molly Wizenberg! from the Orangette blog and Matthew Amster-Burton), and  Wine for Normal People.

I am totally obsessed with the wine app Vivino.  You open the app, snap a picture of a wine label and you have the expected cost, ratings, reviews, and so much more.  I LOVE IT!  My daughter has to pull me out of the wine section of the grocery store.  My friend brought a Worthy Sophia's Cuvee Napa Valley (2008) to my party and I totally Vivino'ed the wine. She picked well.  High ratings and great reviews.  A really awesome cab blend.  I can't wait to get my hands on another bottle! It might be my go to for dinner parties.

The Superbowl is apparently coming up soon.  I am only in it for the food.  Wings,  mostly. Here are 31 freaking awesome wing recipes to choose from. (Thank you Buzzfeed!) I dare you to choose just one. Lime and Maple?  Asian Caramel? Honey Sriracha?  Yes, please!  And I'm totally making these cocktail wieners this year. Pure crack.  And yes, that is a jello shot in the background.  I might have had one or two.  Tasty little boogers!

That's a wrap for Monday's Mashup!  It's time for a coffee refill and a little Today Show to catch up on the entertainment news.

Happy Monday all!  Keep an eye out for my beer float post coming soon.  YUM!

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