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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

5 things you should know about Tupelo Honey Greenville

1. At Tupelo Honey Cafe Greenville, guests are welcomed with hot biscuits, blueberry jam and honey. That's quite a handshake! Split that piping hot, buttery, flaky biscuit in half and drench one side in honey and slather the other with jam. (How do you eat your Tupelo biscuit?)
When I was laid up a few weeks ago, my bff swiped me a biscuit when she went there for lunch. Yesterday, I shared the love by getting a biscuit to go for a dear friend in the hospital. Nothing says "I love you" like the gift of good food! Can I get an amen?

2.The Tupelo Honey Cafe decor is so cute, you'll want to live there.  
Seriously.  It's so Etsy-esk. I love the way they display their Tupelo Honey merchandise for sale! (You can also get it online. Their cookbook makes a GREAT gift.) I want one of those glasses and a t'shirt. (Present, someone?) And if only those bird pillows would fit in my purse...

3. Their sweet mint iced tea is a little sip of heaven.
After two glasses, I asked for a cup to go.  I just didn't want the moment to end. Give me a gallon jug and a straw...

4. Breakfast all day.  
Tupelo Honey is famous for their plate covering sweet potato pancake topped with peach butter and spiced pecans. It's like fall on a fork. Want a little crunch?  Add Grandma's Maple Granola. 

5. There is so much on their expansive menu, one visit just won't do.  

It took me a good ten minutes to settle on the Charleston Chicken Sandwich, a marinated and grilled piece of moist, natural, hormone-free chicken breast on their exclusive sourdough wheat bread with melted havarti, seasonal lettuce and cranberry mayo. I ordered their sweet potato fries on the side.  They are the best on the planet, but you can pick from other sides including benne coated asparagus, cheesy smashed cauliflower, goat cheese grits, fried green tomatoes, fried okra and scratch mac-n-cheese.

Nina ordered Misse's Asheville Veggie Melt, lured by the promise that it came topped with fried green tomatoes!  The sandwich was an absolutely beautiful plate of caramelized onions, sauteed mushrooms, roasted red peppers, spinach and lemon aioli with melted havarti cheese served open faced style on their sourdough wheat bread.

Are you gluten free?  No problem!  There's a gluten-free menu.  (My mom is going to be so excited.)

Insider Tips: The popular new restaurant doesn't take reservations, so if you are going to try them out on a weekend, don't go during peak hours and be prepared to wait in line. For an up close and personal experience, sit at the bar facing into the open kitchen and chat it up with the chef.
Tupelo Honey Greenville is located at 1 North Main Street Suite-T (Get it?  Sweet Tea?!  Hahahaha!) in downtown Greenville, SC. 

Hours: Monday-Thursday, 9am-10pm; Friday 9am-11pm; Saturday 8am-11pm; and Sunday 8am-9pm.
Happy Eating!

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