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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The Local Taco comes to Greenville

A new taco joint opened this week in Greenville on  Conestee Ave just off Augusta Road. I've been watching The Local Taco Facebook page in anticipation.  The popular Tennessee restaurant announced plans for a Greenville location earlier this year and immediately my radar went up.  Yesterday, I headed down the mountain in anticipation of taco greatness.

I'm not a big drinker before four o'clock. Personal rule. But when they boasted of house made margarita mix, I was on it!  That was a dang good margarita.

And you know I am a huge fan of sitting at the bar.  You never know who you'll sidle up to! Yesterday, it was local artist Melissa Anderson  and her family.  I saw several other faces I recognized pile in while I ate lunch.  The place was hopping for a second day, but not too overcrowded. I was able to walk right up and catch a place at the bar with no wait.

These are Mexi Tater Tots, a mushed up blend of diced potatoes, melty cheese, jalapeno, cilantro, and onion with a zingy cream sauce.  Delish. (I didn't order them at first, but saw them go by on a tray and had to give them a whirl.)

The Local Taco on Urbanspoon

Ah!  The main course.  I ordered the Two Taco plate which comes with a side.  I ordered a fried fish taco that came out with lettuce, a cream sauce and pickled jalapenos and a Smoked Salmon Taco with house alder smoked salmon, horseradish crema, pickled onions, cucumbers, capers and cilantro.  
Nice flavors for both tacos. I have never had pickled jalapenos before, though a common enough food item, and they were splendid.   (I think I found my new sub sandwich topping). And the pickled onions and capers were a great addition to the smoked salmon.  Huge fan of pickling. 
I will say that the slaw wasn't my favorite. It wasn't a  bad slaw, just not my cup of tea. I opted to gobble up my tacos and tater tots and leave it sitting there lonely on the side. 
All in all it was a dang good lunch, and a definitely worth the trip off the mountain.
Keep an eye out on ChefQ6, a new column here on the blog, for an interview with The Local Taco Chef Kris McGowan and if you missed last week's interview with The Owl Chef Aaron Manter, go check it out. 

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