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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Jack in the Box attempts chicken and waffles

When husband came home a week or so ago and informed me that Jack in the Box was trying their hand at chicken and waffles with a new sandwich it went on the must try list.  This week I got my chance. I'm totally not the kind of gal to try just anything on the fast food menu.  Funny, I'll do that in a restaurant, but at a fast food joint, especially my top three (Jack in the Box, Chic-filet, and McD's), I stick to tried and true.  Too easy to end up with a dud.  

And, as past experience has proven, straying from the tacos or Jumbo Jack or  crispy, peppery egg rolls (which Jack in the Box does so well) was a mistake   This thing was a bust.  The chicken was wafer thin and the waffles are rubbery.  Flavor wise, the chicken was spicy and the waffles were mapley, so that was good, but the execution fell flat.  Who wants a piece of fried chicken paper between two rubbery maple Nerf frisbees?  Let's just chalk this one up as taking one for the team, folks.

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