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Friday, October 05, 2012

wine, zox and nuggets

This wine is off the charts.  Probably best Cab I've ever had so far. It's bold and heavy and loud and smooth and awesome.

Speaking of awesome...I made the most awesome Pumpkin Pie with almond flour crust last night.  And I have seriously come to the conclusion that not eating gluten means I am immediately going to gain like 100 lbs if I don't get off my rear and walk.  It's the baking folks.  I'm addicted to baking... and gluten. So no gluten means more baking apparently.  I'm just that kind of gal.  I need a walking buddy. Any takers?

If you're wondering what's up with the babbly posts this week, well, it's been sort of a weird week and I haven't gotten out much.  Also, I found that starting my day with a blog post makes it easier to finish my real work.  It unclogs the brain cells. And I get to chat it up with you guys at the same time!  Next week will be better.  Several adventures on the charts including a girls weekend away starting in 8 hours.  Yea me!

Sort of. I'm currently icing my back.  My dang back.  I think it was my feverish unpacking of Halloween.  I refer back to paragraph 1: must exercise. I'm going with my back and all.  Dang it. The wine is packed.  I'm prepping dinner for tonight's feast. I have chocolate.  I'm gonna have a good time!!

Food. I'm on a mission to find some fast food that is Gluten Free.  Anyone have good sources that don't involve a salad? I did find the grilled chicken nuggets at Chick Fil A to be quite awesome.  (Politics aside, I have a ten year old folks and we occasionally do swing through Chick Fil A, though I have discussed both sides of the issues with her at length. That's the end of that. I refrain from further comment due to day job restrictions.) Back to the nuggets:  they are off the chain!  So if you are still going there...

When I was in California, my cousin turned me on to Zox Straps. I immediately got on the computer and ordered one and this is it.   It's number 444 in Collection No. 18.   You like?  Want to see they're current design? Go here.  Some of them sell out before the end of the day!  It's like silly bands or beanie babies for skater dudes... did I just make that weird comparison?

I'm gonna leave you with The Pie Song from O Mello Cello Tree.  I love this duo.  They broke up and went their own ways for solo careers and are doing quite well.  You can catch Sarah Clanton Schaffer(center) at Everyday Organic at Cherrydale in Greenville on Tuesday nights.  I need to get my husband out there.  He'll love her.  She does things with a Cello I didn't think were possible. Amazing.

Cheers yall. Have a good day.

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