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Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Tuesday babble, bad chairs and hot guys.

I love perching on the bar stool in my kitchen to work.  LOVE IT. I love the view of my kitchen. But it KILLS my back. Yet I still perch happily until I can't walk the next day.  What is wrong with me?!? (I know, I know.  Buy new bar stools.)

The husband is home today, which is nice.  Rare we are both here during a week day, but it's also odd because I feel like I should be doing something other than staring at my computer screen.  Is he judging me? (Don't judge me!)  I'm working darn it!

Going gluten free is harder than I thought it would be.  I'm having day dreams of sneaking behind the counter at Publix and burying my hands elbow deep in birthday cake.  I long for donuts.  I may not make it. My mother on the other hand, is feeling fantastic!  She's laughing again and smiling and doesn't hurt.  That's plenty enough incentive for her to keep going, but as for me... I'm starting to get a little gluttonous....

I haven't had a good food adventure in days now.  I'm starting to get a little nuts. I did try to make this pumpkin ice cream but it's helpful if you follow instructions.  I didn't.  It froze into a hard brick and didn't taste good at all.  Sigh.  A crustless pumpkin pie is also on my to do list this week.  I promise I'll follow the recipe on that one.

I am obsessed with Strikeback right now.  We have like eight episodes of the Cinemax show on our DVR to watch.  It's about these two guys who work for the British Secret Intelligence Service.  They're like James Bond but way hotter. LOVE it.  The theme song rocks too. (Be warned it's definitely R rated and graphic.)

Here's a tastelet.

Okay, that's all I got today folks. I do have a few adventures lined up on the horizon.  I'll keep you posted, as always.
Happy Wednesday.

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