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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

BevMo, puppy feet, and cupcakes

I'm in San Diego this week to visit my mom's sister, see their old stomping grounds and make a few visits around here and there and ooooh... will I have some things to share with you. I'll start here:

Have you heard of Zox Straps?  May be the next big thing folks.  Check them out.  My cousin ordered this one and I had to go see what the buzz was about.  Have to say I ordered one too. $7 shipped to your door.   Should be here next week!  Yea me!

Ginger's my puppy cousin and and cuddle buddy for the week. I could pinch these little feet all day long. Seriously. She's gonna hate me by mid-week.

Okay, nuff of the puppy and product and on to the food.  I found Wild Ophelia Beef Jerky milk chocolate bar at a store here called BevMo (think very small Total Wine plus booze section).  I'm taking it back to try with the hubs. I'll let you know how it is later. It's taking all I have not to rip into it! BevMo had a really awesome higher end soda section, too.  I love a good eclectic soda selection.

We ate at Sammy's Woodfire Pizza  for lunch.  My mother just found out she must say goodbye to Gluten. (Out of support, and because let's face it, Gluten is absolutely horrible for you, I may join  her.  I'll keep you posted on this front.)  Anywho, they have a great selection of Gluten Free pizzas but we had giant salads and shared Gluten Free Pasta. It was so yum no one knew the difference. 

And the atmosphere in the outside seating was so stupendously cool I could have lived there.  The light fixtures... the white leather couches... so wicked!

 I made my first cupcake stop of the week today too!  There are crazy good bakeries here. We stopped in at Babycakes in the Hillcrest community of San Diego while we were passing through.  The cupcakes were BEAUTIFUL but I was not over the moon about the cake or the icing.   The staff were super sweet and the place was really awesome, but they definitely didn't place in my top three of all time.  Headed to La Jolla tomorrow to visit Sprinkles and play in the tide pools.  I love looking for sea glass.  I am STOKED! 

We're digging in to these puppies now. One from my aunt's cellar and the Terradoro Zin I bought at BevMo. Ye-haw! More later, so good night!

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