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Friday, September 14, 2012

A neue experience: fried brussel sprouts, wine on tap and a goat at shinola

Yesterday I jumped in line at the Neue Southern Food Truck (pronounced Noy-a, in case you were wondering) in the North Main area of Downtown Greenville, brought to us by Chefs Lauren Zanardelli and Graham Foster. Let me tell you you won't mind eating your brussel sprouts at this place! They came highly recommended via people in line. I placed an order for way too much food, grabbed a cold bottled Cheerwine from the cooler then made my way to the "lunch room" in Community Tap to sit with some new friends and graze.

I sampled Schnitzel, Banh-Mi, BBQ Pommes Frites (big thanks to Claudia for sharing!) and their Peanut Butter and Chocolate Chunk and Candied Bacon and Chocolate Cookie drizzled with Bacon Fat Icing, but the sprouts stole the show -fried up with apple cider gastrique and popcorn. They were super salty and sweet and crunchy.  My lunch buddies were oohing and ahhing.  I think there were a few happy tears. (I packed up the leftovers for the hubs.)  Affordable and deliciously different lunch.  You can  follow them on FB here. (I think they will be open Friday and Saturday nights for dinner starting at 5ish.)

While I was in the area, I popped into a few of the shops in Stone's Point before hitting Shinola (an antique/junk shop) just up the street.

Before leaving Community Tap I grabbed a growler of wine. I secretly admit a deep jealousy of beer drinkers.  I want a growler too dang it!  I finally got my growler on. I tried the Cab and Chardonnay but settled on red: a Charles and Charles Cab/Syrah blend.  My cousin just happened to stroll in while I was there, so we caught up a bit.  I love living in a place where you see people you know wherever you go.

Couldn't help myself. 

Hey, did you see my new green LOVE GREENVILLE Parachute t-shirt on Facebook?  I would wear it every day if I could. Best. Shirt. Ever. Well you can get your very own at Dapper Ink.  I swear its the softest t-shirt I've ever owned. The custom print shop has a huge selection!  I wanted to just hang out in there and absorb the good vibe. Seriously cool place.

My last stop here was Sparrow Boutique. 

Then Shinola.  

What can I say about Shinola... I walked in and my mouth fell open.  Interesting stuff packed from ceiling to floor.  I found some pretty amazing art and if I had a decorating bone in my body, I'd have been in heaven.

 I made my way through the maze and out the back door to find a goat. A super cute goat.  And mosquitoes. Which ate me alive so thus endeth my Shinola trip.  Anyone else afraid they're gonna get West Nile? 

But what a very cool afternoon.  
Check in on Neue Southern's Facebook page for hours and go get your grub on people! 

 I'm off to get some work done.  Oooh and a bearded Jake Gyllenhaal and my childhood idol Punkie Brewster are on the Today Show this morning.  My lucky day. I chatted with Soleil Moon Frye on Twitter once.  That was wicked! The wonders of social media.  

Enjoy your Friday and your weekend.

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