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Wednesday, August 08, 2012

forced hybernation

As you can tell, I haven’t posted in a while! I'm not just neglecting you, so don't take it personally.  Stump isn't getting much fetch time either. He's complaining loudly.  I’ve basically been on sick leave and just trying to get my regular work out has been like jumping hurdles.  Wow, did I just make an Olympic reference?  I’m not watching too much of that, surprisingly enough. I’m not even getting my normal Today Show fix.  I’ve been reading USA Today on my iPhone before bed and that’s been the extent of news. Swimming is about all I’ll watch.  Anything else bores me a little and I tend to heckle people in my head to pass the time… which is evil since they are representing their countries and working so dang hard, so I abstain. How nice of me, right?

I haven’t eaten anything spectacular since when I am sick, I basically resort to junk food.  Fish sticks, Marie Calendar’s pot pies…   Really.  The thought of eating a salad makes me want to not eat a salad. So no new pics accept of the shingles from last week or the hives from earlier this week on my body and I’m not posting those evil things. Being sick sucks.  And I took a picture of my dog. See? That’s all I have to say about that.

Oh, and my power is out this morning.  Swell.  Laundry immediately stopped (making a loud thunk), the tv shut off, the music from my Satellite radio went away and my internet went bye-bye. My friend Andi says my body is forcing me to take a vacation. Apparently my power lines are as well. (I can’t even post this until it comes back on! BAA!)

Forced vacation IS allowing me to catch up on movies I’ve never seen.  God bless lots of channels. Reality Bites for instance.  I know, right?  

Reality Bites Poster

How did I miss that one?! I watched Singles until my VHS tape fell apart.  I think I even had a copy on Beta.  (Twenty-somethings are totally confused now.) But no, not Reality Bites… It would have been right up there in my high school/college years top ten, too with Pump Up the Volume and St. Elmo’s Fire, Breakfast Club, Pretty in Pink… ah, memory lane. But now I’m in the know.  Oh, and I also saw most of Water for Elephants.  And Friends with Kids, which was pretty dang good. (I love Jennifer Westfeldt!)

I have to tell you that I am totally hooked on The Newsroom on HBO. Love Jeff Daniels. TOTALLY hooked. I hear their are cleaning house and hiring new writers for season 2.  Here's hoping no big changes. Last night was an episode about the day the US took down Osama bin laden (did I spell that right?)  I felt really horrible that I couldn’t remember where I was.  I can tell you every detail of where and who and when of the day of 9/11, but not this particular day. My husband’s mouth fell open at this confession. (We were on a cruise, and after he said that I honestly did remember, but I still felt bad.) Back to the episode.  I cried. Seriously best new show on television, hands down.  (Until Girls comes back just in time for my bday in January!)

Deep apologies to regular readers. As soon as I get all this malfunction my body is going through straightened out, I’m back at it a couple of times a week!  Back to my always busy, happy, baking, cooking, adventurist, social self.

Big hugs to my friends!  My buddy Kim brought me a bag of immunoboosters and healthy stuff (which I'm sucking down like water) and my buddy Cam brought me this bag of fun!  I have been craving Twizzlers like a mad woman.  This is like a bin of hugs isn't it?

So don't give up on me!  Stay tuned… this Fall, my calendar is absolutely packed with all kinds of craziness and foodie fun so prepare yourself, and don’t sweat it!  I should be back by next week!

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Ta-ta for now.  Send me good thoughts for a speedy recovery!


April said...

Feel better soon! If you have Netflix, watch Playing By Heart on Netflix Instant stream. It's my favorite movie of all time.

Nichole Livengood said...

Who was in Playing by Heart? There was Another movie with Christian Slater in it where he delivere flowers or something... Remember that one? I think Mary Stuart Masterson might have been in it too...